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►Samba music: TOP 10 (Mix #3)

✔ SAMBA SONGS: TOP 10 (Mix #2)
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Samba music: TOP 10 (Mix #2)
Samba music: TOP 10 (Mix #1)

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00:00 Dejare
04:04 Calabria
06:17 Baila Para Mi
10:03 Sambando
12:40 Tu picadura
18:08 Sambamix
20:45 Yeah Party
24:02 Hazmelo
28:39 Rumbakalao
33:14 Zaaack!

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Comments (20)

  1. Thumbs up! Nice video, my channel features good content like yours. You should check it out! 😁

  2. This is my Favorite song ❤

  3. There's a samba song that you could add to your collection that's in spanish and portuguese by Lenz Legends it's titled " Sambachata". You can find it on YouTube, otherwise great song selections! 😀

  4. Gracias por compartir… Me suscribo 😉

  5. who sings baila para mi

  6. this all in spanish 😂👍

  7. Love this samba collection

  8. i loved that
    but i cant find the same version of sambamix song , even on youtube
    i found one but not like urs
    can u post it separate to download it ??
    thanx in advance

  9. Can you make top-10 samba tracks, that were made in 2016?

  10. Passion fruit – vamonos is recent great one I came across recently

  11. And I will add , very beautiful couple and rumbakalo I was just listening before coming across your collection here !!

  12. Terrific collection !!!

  13. Rumbakalao – samba of my 14-15 age dancing time 🙂

  14. these are definitely not from 2016..

  15. its me (cristian pontarelli) and my ex partner (lisa dalla pozza) very nice …thank you so much !

  16. Samba music: TOP 10 (2016)
    Samba music: TOP 10 (2015)
    ► Samba music playlist:

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