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10 Child Stars You Didn’t Know Passed Away

10 famous child actors you didn’t know are no longer living.
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Growing up, we all had our favorite television shows and movies that we would sit down and watch repeatedly. We get fixated on child stars and then start to follow them in their other shows and projects. But eventually, we grow up and we move on to more mainstream actors who have had careers that have withstood the test of time. Usually, young celebs eventually fade to the wind or end up playing bit parts in larger projects. In reality, we simply lose track of them and eventually we forget about them completely. It isn’t until we’re prompted to look them up after reminiscing with others, or we see one of their movies on late night television.
But these young celebrities continued to live their lives until they were unexpectedly cut short. Their stories remain relevant to their friends and family, but doting fans may not have any idea something happened until it is far too late. While it’s sad, it has become the trend of the entertainment business, and unless you are the hottest actor on the scene, you won’t get a lot of media coverage.
In this video are some young celebs that you didn’t know passed away. Granted, even with the widespread reach of social media, a young celeb’s death doesn’t make headlines anymore unless they were famous at the time their life ended. So when we find out that our favorite teen star died over a decade ago, there is a sense of feeling left out as well as a sense of shame that we weren’t more of a faithful fan.
Young celebrities either move on to prosperous careers, or fade into the wind and are eventually forgotten. Unless we still keep track of them often, most of us will never find out about their deaths until long after. Here are some young celebs you didn’t know passed away.

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  1. She is lying 1 of them was born on 1978 and died on 1987 and said the person was 14

  2. You have forgotten a really really known and wonderful person – Jonathan gregory brandis…

  3. Murdered is what ya mean

  4. I just saw Jaleel White….

  5. Sad when our favorites die

  6. D-dana…my name us "dayna"😰😰

    Was i born twice!!!???😢😭

  7. 3:26 i'm done i saw that movie and i loved that part he played

  8. Why perserve fuck you Jay jay

  9. To be fair, Urkel ain't dead but his gf on the show is…

  10. Did I miss Heather O'Rourke, child actress who died of Crohns Disease?

  11. More than mentioned many were abused as child actors in Hollywood. Many of the deaths are also suspicious deaths.

  12. What sick fuck would murder their own daughter!

  13. My favourite movie in the world was land before time… this is so depressing

  14. Take that Wendy take that

  15. Just to say,

    That thumbnail=clickbait.

  16. Judith Barsi's death makes me very sad

  17. Merkel is dead!? Nope. Well why the hell is his picture up there!?

  18. Fuck your trickery. Urkel is not dead! Down voted!

  19. Corey was proclaimed dead ……… really?

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