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18 Short Pixie Haircuts & Hairstyle Trends 2019 – New Pixie Cut Styles Compilation

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Content description: These short hair styles will flatter anyone and show off your best features. It’s decided: You’ve got to try a pixie haircut this season.

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Comments (29)

  1. Could you put a list of hair products? Please and thank you.

  2. Good job thanks for sharing, your work will renew my skills. I went to beauty school in 1968 and I am still a hair stylist. Again thanks.

  3. I'm old as dirt and love these styles.

  4. I’m 10 with a pixie cut, when i leave school i can dye it. Its gonna be like silver or white. Like if u think silver reply if u think white

  5. You guy the best haircut i want you to cut my hair too

  6. Хооочччу!!!! Где такие стригут?!! I want it so bad, where is that stylist?

  7. Will you plz post hair products you use!

  8. What’s the name of the first cut?

  9. Somebody is banking selling bad loud music to YouTube people,,, you don't need the music especially when it's bad,,, and who the hell pays for any music? Music is free, and we have a glut of it.

  10. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 parabéns

  11. Dús hajból könnyű divatos frizurát készíteni.
    De vékonyszálú, ritkásodó hajból nem az a művészet?
    Nagyon jók a frizurák egyébként.

  12. Love❣️ What is this first song tho?!?! Shazam can’t even pick it up

  13. Todos todos todos ficaram lindos

  14. Awesome – if my hair would grow out daily I would get it cut that often! I’m 64 and would wear any of those cuts! Salute

  15. Good haircut!. Short haircut are so sexy. I love it

  16. I'm getting a pixie cut and dying it purple this summer I'm scared and excited

  17. where is this man what salon is he at wonderful work

  18. hey beard man you're my favorite…

  19. Para mi gusto no m gusto a todas les corta igual el cabello la misma técnica sólo cambia la forma de la estructura del cráneo por eso cre k lo corta diferente sólo como el mago una ilucion por ka forma k las peina o aloca el cabello y la última mujer parecía la caricatura de neutrón no tenia ni la forma del corte

  20. What first song?
    Как первая песня называется???

  21. OMG those are some cold ass cuts!! Beautiful color too! Excellent work!

  22. I Love All These Gorgeous CUTS!! 💜. ✨ I Keep My Hair Short ! Easy to take Care Of, Always Clean And Always
    Looks Put Together And Sharp. I Always Get Compliments On My Hair!🤙 and My Sister is My Wonderful
    Hairdresser. ♥️ 🎉

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