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1960s and 1960s Jazz: Best of #Jazz and #JazzMusic 1960s Jazz Instrumental and 1960s Jazz Music

1960s & 1960s jazz – best of #Jazz and #JazzMusic 1960s jazz instrumental and 1960s jazz music in 60s jazz style. This 60s jazz and 60s jazz instrumental is composed and recorded for your enjoyment.

Featured in this 1960s and 1960s jazz playlist are:

Track 1: Swinging good times (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Monday morning (starts at 4:50)
Track 3: All together now (starts at 10:18)
Track 4: West coast cruising (starts at 15:03)
Track 5: Tomorrow comes (starts at 20:41)
Track 6: Scenic ride (starts at 24:29)
Track 7: Goody two shoes (starts at 30:08)
Track 8: Spring in you (starts at 33:56)
Track 9: Moonlight silhouette (starts at 37:44)
Track 10: Once before (starts at 41:32)
Track 11: Sunset crossing (starts at 46:17)
Track 12: Heaven above (starts at 49:32)
Track 13: Head over heels (starts at 53:11)
Track 14: Alice and friends (starts at 57:53)
Track 15: Mid summer’s dream (starts at 01:01:37)
Track 16: Crush on you (starts at 01:06:22)
Track 17: Joy of love (starts at 01:11:29)
Track 18: Once upon a time (starts at 01:16:25)
Track 19: Two of us (starts at 01:22:04)
Track 20: Bay of paradise (starts at 01:26:04)
Track 21: Summer love (starts at 01:29:53)
Track 22: One more time (starts at 01:33:17)
Track 23: Solace (starts at 01:37:06)
Track 24: Schroeder and I (starts at 01:41:46)
Track 25: Under the moonlight (starts at 01:46:50)
Track 26: Autumn scents (starts at 01:51:37)
Track 27: A brighter day (starts at 01:54:30)
Track 28: Road to enlightenment (starts at 01:59:30)
Track 29: Sweet whispers (starts at 02:05:14)
Track 30: Hand in hand (starts at 02:08:03)
Track 31: Rendezvous (starts at 02:13:00)
Track 32: Flaming Saturday (starts at 02:17:10)
Track 33: Quintessentially yours (starts at 02:20:46)
Track 34: As it was (starts at 02:25:32)
Track 35: Balmy twilights (starts at 02:28:55)
Track 36: Bells of Christmas (starts at 02:30:56)
Track 37: Beyond Azure (starts at 02:33:03)
Track 38: Breezy Sundays (starts at 02:36:30)
Track 39: Bring me tomorrow (starts at 02:40:20)
Track 40: By your side (starts at 02:42:51)
Track 41: Dawn of new days (starts at 02:45:51)
Track 42: Dreaming of a tropic Christmas (starts at 02:48:47)
Track 43: Endless summer (starts at 02:52:11)
Track 44: Eternally yours (starts at 02:58:18)
Track 45: Glide with me (starts at 03:01:01)
Track 46: Halos of eternity (starts at 03:04:01)
Track 47: Heavenly passage (starts at 03:07:02)
Track 48: Horizon blues (starts at 03:10:51)
Track 49: In the presence of beauty (starts at 03:13:00)
Track 50: In your arms (starts at 03:17:02)
Track 51: Island dreams (starts at 03:21:42)
Track 52: I will stand by you (starts at 03:25:05)
Track 53: Memoir of summer (starts at 03:29:44)
Track 54: New beginning (starts at 03:32:38)
Track 55: Ocean of hope (starts at 03:35:53)
Track 56: Paradise (starts at 03:38:34)
Track 57: Pathway to heaven (starts at 03:41:47)
Track 58: Rays of sapphire (starts at 03:47:17)
Track 59: Rejoice for tropic rain (starts at 03:50:12)
Track 60: Rays of sunny emerald (starts at 03:53:01)
Track 61: Starry nights (starts at 03:56:05)
Track 62: Sussuros do mar – Whispers of sea (starts at 03:59:13)Track 63: Tropic shores (starts at 04:02:19)
Track 64: Vivid dreams (starts at 04:05:20)

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Comments (42)

  1. I love getting super nic sick and then lying in bed with my lavalamp on and my eyes closed listening to this…. pure bliss 🙂

  2. After some gaming stress I put this on and everything bad just yeets away

  3. The whole thing sounds like it's been put through the same reverb effect. Nice tunes though.

  4. Man I wish I was born in the 1960s
    Would be so different to now. Would of love to experience it

  5. this is truly a masterpiece

  6. I was born in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans!

  7. I'll just finish my Whiskey and smoke a cigar before jumping into my cadillac heading back home!

  8. it also puts you in a good mood

  9. Yo tengo 27 años pero me gusta escuchar excelente música y el jazz blues es sin duda una maravillosa música 👑gracias por compartirla ❤lo disfrute mucho 🌹

  10. FROM A S T I ( ITALY ) : O K !

  11. BIOSHOCK me trajo aquí y no me arrepiento, adiós electrónica, bienvenido Jazz.

  12. It's like the soundtrack to Monsieur Hulot's Holiday!

  13. humble, graceful, beautiful!

  14. I live these years through THIS ART – MUSIC ! Thank you for posting on youtube .

  15. brilliant! Great collection especially when I am working or cooking:). Stimulating and uplifting.

  16. Perfect music to relax with in a nerve-jangling world!

  17. My type of upbeat jazz!

  18. This music calms me down.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Do you have a pandora channel?

  20. man i just love the acoustic sound of the double bass. thnx for uploading.

  21. mais uma compilação/criação sensacional! grato!

  22. The 60's: a time before video games where nobody had things to do other than GO OUTSIDE

  23. there are many jazz genre in the 60s, but what kind of these mostly? thank you:)

  24. I love this it is amazing

  25. Very nice for calming down and relaxing thanks

  26. Great mix , thank you 🙂

  27. Una colección hecha con buen critero. Un exelente material que alguna vez escuché y que lo daba por perdido. Una verdadera emoción disfrutarlo nuevamente. Un abrazo de JAZZ!! Muchas gracias!!

  28. LTGC was here lol kys XDDDDD

  29. Best music for when you are relaxing and making tea.

  30. oh man this is the jazz that ive been finding for…!!!!

  31. Pretty swell. Esta muy padre, y bien hecho. Saludos desde Mexico

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