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2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards – A pink

2012. 11. 30 7PM (KST)
Asia No.1 Music Awards, MAMA is Coming!!!
Line up : PSY, Super Junior, BigBang, SISTAR, Jakie Chan, Wang LeeHom and more…

[2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards]
When : 2012.11.30 7PM (KST)
Where : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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  1. Fighting!!! Apink!! :))

  2. I know that Eunji will attend MAMA for sure. I hope she performs "All For You" with Seo In Guk!

  3. 퍼포먼스로는 최고인듯^^*

  4. They're not in any of the categories? I thought they did a promo this year? Are they still going to attend/perf at MAMA?

  5. a pink unnies!! hwaiting!!

  6. ayheeeee !! MNET november, huuu~

    and in indonesia in indosiar want here that ~ ahh love it ^^
    apink fighting :)~ lov u all chorong ^^

  7. they won one of last yrs awards soo……

  8. I really wish all of them could come!

  9. im voting because A Pink told me to lol

  10. im really hoping they perform! i miss my Apink T^T

  11. APink should be nominated :((

  12. i really hope they'll attend…please~ please~

  13. Apink should go there and present the best rookie award coz they won last year!!!!! i hope they perform too…MIss A also! BAP and BEast!

  14. A Pink ♥ A Pink ♥ A Pink ♥ A Pink ♥ !!

  15. jakie chan? or jackie chan?

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