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2018 Trend! Mini Cream Tart! | Cookie Cake

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Recipe can be found on my blog!

The newest cake trend of 2018 so far and it is sure an elegant start! I believe it was started by Adi @adikosh123 (Instagram)

This cookie cake / number cake / alphabet cake has taken over Instagram recently. Usually in the shape of numbers and letters and super sized! I thought I would do some mini versions, perfect for valentine’s day coming up and they are super cute!

Honestly don’t even know what it’s called. Cream tart…. cookie cake…. pastel cream tart….. pastry biscuit… but I can tell you it sure taste delicious!!

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  1. Love these! I wish it was summer here in the US!

  2. Love this,so cute and easy thanks❤

  3. Can you post all the recipes? It will help you to gain more followers if they see the recipe. Thanks

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