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3 Jackets // 12 Outfits – ( styling fall/winter basics )

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you guys know i love to find ways to make the most out of the clothes i already have. so with the cooler temperatures creeping up on us i thought it time to share my favourite styling tips for jackets !
i’m styling myself in three jackets, each of them styled into a casual, a dressed up, and a modern outfit. and surprise surprise ! after so many of you have nagged me and nagged me to include menswear looks into my fashion videos, i’m doing something i’ve never done before : i’m styling david in each of the 3 jackets too. hot stuff …!

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i talk about :
– the classic trench coat / mac with a twist !
– the bomber jacket – can it be dressed up ?
– the number one trending jacket right now : the oversized boyfriend blazer !
– how to include the current trends into more layered, warmer autumn outfits ?
– how does david feel wearing my clothes ?
– vegan fashion : shoes, boots, bags, jackets, and vegan silk ?
– the motorcycle trend, the street granny trend, the oversized pleats trend, the wednesday addams, and the sci-fi priest !?

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that’s it you guys, let me know which look is your favourite !
and feel free to request future fashion videos !

love // jenny

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Comments (35)

  1. sooo… which look is your fav ? i think the sci-fi priest is hard to beat ^.^
    also a huge THANKS to all you new subscribers, happy to have you guys <3

  2. I’m a 48 year young vegan and I want to thank you for talking vegan, thrifting and chic style! You both are always such fun!

  3. „My cup is half empty, and I‘m ok with that“ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Hahaha I love David. He totally pulls off that trenchcoat.

  5. You could easily make a potato sack look fashionable! Good job! 👍👍👍👍

  6. 1,4,7,10!! love them all 🙂

  7. Can't wear heels either. I've been trying to wear them for years. I finally realized that I have non-standard feet shape, so I literally just tiptoeing the whole time, the middle part of my feet has no support… so, I will only wear heels if I ever can afford them custom-made.
    Have some cool shoes for photoshoots too tho. 😀

  8. If I were any of this I'd get stared at so much

  9. where did your eyebrows come from?

  10. Probably the best most favorite / hilarious line I've ever heard from Jenny (and I don't think anything else will EVER top this in my book)
    "My cup is half empty, and I'm ok with that."

  11. Can you make a video for how to make any outfit look more cute, youthful, and girly?

  12. hey jenny, could you make a video about tattoos? i would love to know what you think about it in context to minimalism 🙂

  13. I could never share clothes with my boyfriend. I'm 156cm and a size 2, he's 20cm taller! I look like a baby and he has so nice clothes 😭

  14. I love it!!! All the outfits are super cool!

  15. Hey Jenny! I really like your style and videos!! I was wondering if you could tell a bit more about your favorite brands/stores to buy good quality basics for a functioning wardrobe? 🙂

  16. Thanks for showing David's menswear, because I dress my husband!

  17. Woo woo that was fun! My favorite outfits are 3, 4, 8, and 10! Bomber jacket and the new Balluta boots are my FAV! ^_^

  18. I LITERALLY have a scifi priest outfit and its honestly a look!

  19. Could you please do a video about you styling someone curvy?? 😊 I feel like most clothes for curvy bodies tend to be more femenine and less edgy… 🤔🤔🤔

  20. I love your style and lifestyle even it's not at all mine. Your sens of fashion is incredible and very inspiring

  21. He looks amazing in every outfit. I love that you guys share clothes, my boyfriend and I also share some clothes I feel more comfortable on men’s clothes.

  22. I adore your sense of style. Totally going to steal some of the ideas to my life!

  23. Blessss Jenny you sounded so Swedish at 6:52 "anywaY" I love those intonations! Trying to master them in Danish but it's hard ahah. Anyway, as always, such an inspiring video, you're really the most fashion forward spirit on YouTube, love your content to bits! Bisous de Genève ♡

  24. Very creative names: "Sci-fi Priest" or "Lord" hahaha… Amazing video. I love your minimalistic and genderneutral style! 😊

  25. I love them all !! 😀 <3

  26. Enjoyed the trench coat over your black dress and heels. I really like it.

  27. what brand is your gold necklace or where did you buy it?

  28. love your vids, love your style, but i cant quite pull that chic edgy look bc i look too soft and round at the edges, and my boobs most definitely "fill the cup". so jelly! like damn, jenny, if your LOOK isn't S L I C K

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