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3ABN Today – Music with Danny and Friends (TDY017006)

Join us for this special music episode of 3ABN Today. You’ll be blessed by this hour of praise to the Lord.

Host: Danny Shelton
Guest: CA Murray, John Lomacang, Tim Parton, Yvonne Lewis-Shelton


Comments (18)

  1. Tim Parton has got some piano chops though. Good stuff! God be praised!

  2. I am so very blessed by your music and the piano piece by Tim Parton, wow. Thank you, In the Garden is one of my favorites as well as my moms. May she RIP

  3. I trust Jesus with everything and 3abn

  4. When True and Faithful ministers are rare Jesus is in 3abn and so is His saints

  5. ,That was wonderful. Thank you so much.

  6. god is good all the time….

  7. Beautiful music!!!! Keep on singing for the Lord. I watch 3 ABN all the time. It's a great blessing in my life!!!

  8. "I want to spend my life to mend the broken people.."

  9. Thank God for good heavenly music

  10. God is so good we'll never be able to tell it all.

  11. The saints of God are enjoying the Lord while the world is in torment and disgust, while we are praising and worshipping our Savior keep up the good work i love it!!! sis. Loretta

  12. I am enjoying around the piano, with u guys, such beautiful music i wish i could join in with u this remind me of what I did with Paul and Jan Crouch, and so many others on the show, Lavern Tripp and the Tripp family, Alvin Slaughter, Candi Staten and many others, I really do hope we can get together God is doing something real good with us Sis. Yvonne keep in touch

  13. Glory to God, happy Sabbath

  14. Praise GOD! for HE is good all the time 😀

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