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5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

Your brain may never be the same!
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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

Further Reading–

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Comments (46)

  1. Good thing i don't use social media

  2. Realised the less time I spend on social media the happier I am more productive and no need to compare myself to others I am able to be more focused.

  3. Hi this video is interesting because we talk about social media’s consequences and we don’t often talk about it.

  4. This video is super interesting ! I have learned a lot of things and I will think about my use of social media now. I also liked the use of thoses drawings, they make the video look super fun ! Btw, could you put more links on where you found all the informations ? Thanks ☻☻☻

  5. socials media are lot of advantages too

  6. It's interesting because we can see the consequence of the social media in your life. Like your life after like the life of other.

  7. Hello guys , today i’ m in english class and my beautiful teacher tell me to comment your vidéo, your vidéo ils bot bas you are agree with a lot of things, you are the boss . I give you a big kiss of the France 👱🏿‍♂️👱🏿‍♂️👦🏾👦🏾👣👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🖐🏻🤚🏻🤟🏿💄👃🏿💄😗😞😞😎😝😝😗🤪☹️😗☹️😩😚😘🙂🤬😣😢😚☹️

  8. I think this video is verry good because they talk about the social network and we knows we use social network

  9. The movie is good because talk about the true society problem.
    The social media created most problem of addiction.
    Good day.

  10. This video is interresting, but i don't know if the pourcentage are check.

  11. I'm so glad I stop using social media. Now I'll use Snapchat sometimes not all the time.

  12. Ehh😑🤨 that video was more of a promo rather than a video about our braign…ooh!😮

  13. No, relationships do NOT go better when people meet online. They're hardly ever even positive!

  14. I’m just overall badly addicted to being on my phone even when there’s nothing on it. I wasn’t like this at all years ago until people were kept telling me to create an IG or a Facebook etc, I was more of an active wanted to skate board or go for a walk now I can’t spend a second without trying to check all my social media. I hate it and can’t stop it’s like addictively unhealthy and ruining my life.

  15. It is very crazy had social media has such a huge impact on peoples's lives. I will confess that I spend a large amount of time browsing through my social media accounts throughout the day. I experience phantom vibration syndrome quite often which is scary because it shows a sign of addiction. I use it to keep up with whats going on in the world because now its such a huge outlet for news that you can view at your fingertips in secs from anywhere.

  16. Social media is destroying us

  17. Yeah I have a question why’d my mom send this to me at 1am

  18. Hello ASAP Science. Please allow me to copy this video and upload on Facebook, only for academic purposes. Thank you.

  19. No wonder everybody I know feels so robotic at this time of life…

  20. @asapSCIENCE why is it that I get exhausted in social interactions? When I'm trying to make small talk with someone I've just met I feel tired or even when it's just a friend that does most of the talking.

  21. Im 16 and I only have YouTube,tik tok and Snapchat.. it's more than enough

  22. This is why I don’t have Instachat or snapgram

  23. Question: Why do people fill their lives with lies instead the truth? Or Why do dreams and nightmares depend on what we feared and what we want to happen?

  24. This a song/video we just produced, called 'Communication Nation' . If you do, please like and share:

  25. I believe you! I have let myself be used an Targeted ! But I think I will still use it for Educational courses an to order books an limit "what's app" to meet for dinner to a hand full of friends now! Thank you for the information !

  26. I stared with deleting my Facebook. Instagram is next. Social media is ruining our children

  27. Here is a short survey on Social Media, I would really appreciate if you took a few seconds to fill it out.

  28. I experience phantom vibration syndrome daily… 😳

  29. HI, thank you so much for posting using markers to let my student learn thing, today we use you video and we are talking about phones are good or bad, it work really well and all my student all get the idea, thanks a lot! + I am a teacher!

  30. who watching this on social media???

  31. my teacher made me watch this

  32. To watch this we are on social media pretty much 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  33. Can I have the transcript?
    This is so remarkable <3

  34. ig is turning women into bigger pieces of trash.

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