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'7th' Gang – 4 Guilty in Gun, Clown Mask Conspiracy Case #MusicNews

The Judge found four memebers of a alleged #newham gang guilty of possession of a firearm and conspiracy to commit gbh against police in a chase across east london, they claim #cb aka cracky blacks was the passenger who aimed the shotgun at police in a clown mask before police opened fire four times on the passenger side, not hitting or injuring anyone in the shots fired.

The claim they are the drill music group #7th and are responsible for music aimed at gang rivals in the 6th area of london east.

The said in court they had no phones on them and latex gloves in a attempt to disguise their activities later on .

With 2 teenagers already killed in london this year police are tackling the gangs by removing any music they think encourages violence .

they are looking between 6 -16 years upon sentencing in febuary

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Comments (22)

  1. Should of shot them on their knees !

  2. Experienced guys… lol… nahhhhh the complete opposite… enjoi ur 6×9 smelling shit 23 hours a day lol..

  3. That's round my side mad

  4. Pussy disnt shoot bak did he😂😂

  5. Bet their parents are really proud of the delinquents. He is not clever or smart, he is a criminal it’s that simple. He lost his chance to be smart when he committed these heinous crimes.

  6. man said "they loaded a pointed gun" you need to write scripts for your videos g I always hear you fluffing your lines and pronunciation

  7. 😂😂😂😂
    What a bunch of retarded, embarrassing, gormless, rectal sphincters. The police should've riddled the car with holes and then buttied the sillikunts by the roadside.
    Now that they're locked up, the Feds should enter their cells and beat the fools weekly, ensuring something breaks each beat'.

    R-Soles think they're bad, but the jackasses don't realise they're just following a script, like their cousins in the USylum. Need to cleanse ourselves of these. I'd be happy to administer the licks, weekly, for rahtid free.

  8. 00:19 they loaded a pointed gun at a police officer yano.

  9. It wasn’t cb he said it himself

  10. Scarcity studios snitch in a name dropping on YouTube be careful brudda😂

  11. 4 black men. Cooning.
    Tryna prove to a gang of other black men how depressing they are 😂

    And to you these dumb and uglies the realist.
    These nigga lives are shit.

  12. The Leytonstone man caught life this day

  13. Looking at this comment section reveals how much people support and glorify violent criminals

  14. I’m from his ends in Newham and trust me he’s on CRUD.

  15. badness is when you cant even go to a funeral cause you might get gunshot

  16. feed back none of these uk youth really hard they look hard talk hard but aint got no real shoot outs or straps bare muskets and hand tings, 16s and k's wi call strap bait dem if you want to see real action cant come out side come a yard or check out the news

  17. Let not mince words, knife crime is predominantly a black problem. But the depict this problem as the entire youth problem. This is because of the government encouraging single mother parenthood by giving houses and benefits. This mothers can not discipline their children, they are working the streets causing mayhem.

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