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ABC News (Australia) theme music | 1985 – 2005

ABC News theme music (1985). Composed by Tony Ansell and Peter Wall. In use from 1985-1998, recomposed version in use until January 2005.

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  1. As a late 90s kid born in Australia, I grew up with this theme

  2. This intro and ABC Radio Majestic Fanfare just say "news" don't they?

  3. As a young girl growing up in the states, I used to dance to the NewsHour theme. I wonder how many Australians would dance tothis theme after the nighly news cast

  4. The new theme song fucking sux

  5. I heard this at like 2am on ABC Radio Brisbane last night wtf

  6. Lotta memories in this song

  7. The moment when you hear this theme song is when your children's period of shows have have ended… how depressing

  8. This is the best news theme to ever exist

  9. which mother fuckers disliked this video?

  10. I love this intro. I like the more reacent one

  11. Whenever I hear this it's time to take things seriously.

  12. Just realised thats dash cam owners Australia uses this as there theme song as well lol

  13. You know when you heard this, it was time to switch to channel 10 for the Simpsons 🙂

  14. The 1990's… A serious and dangerous time for the world

  15. This shit is the baddest news music ever…hanz zimmer on the news track lol

  16. Ah, the days before ABC news went up the shitter.

  17. This is the song that will be played when there is a pandemic and everyone needs to be alerted and they want peoples attention.

  18. I want the first 15 seconds as a ringtone!

  19. ayy this shit has always been lit af… juelz santana would be fire on this.

  20. Now that was an intro you could set your watch to. Proof that every now and then, once in a blue moon, socialists could do something right.

  21. ah back when the news called for you to sit your Arse down and pay attention.

    now you have news 24 if you miss one report it will be on again in 30min

  22. It's the greatest news theme of em all.

  23. This honestly feels like a briefing theme from Star Fox or something.

  24. my boy really wants to use some of this in his little YouTube videos but I cant find who owns copyright lol life tough for an 8 yr. old

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