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AJR – Burn The House Down [Official Video]

Grab the song here:


Directed by The Mitchells & Spencer Hord

Online Everywhere @AJRBrothers

(c) 2018 AJR Productions LLC

Comments (42)

  1. Love the song but with the imagery I seriously hope this ain't an "Antifa" song

  2. how many people use that room with lights? its fucking sick i know half alive did too

  3. David Dobrik brought me here

  4. Whos the motherfucker singing

    Get someone else to sing

  5. The house burned down cause David Spit out fire

  6. Ok so who at the beginning thought that those yellow balloons where weirdly abnormally large eggs?

  7. 😂😂my mom is obsessed with this song

  8. my new favorite song ahah 🤩

  9. Summerslam 2018 theme song

  10. Im the only one who thinks they got the idea from betty cooper ? 😂 #riverdale4life

  11. in some parts the video looks like mic drop….

    Maybe i'm crazy

  12. If despacito can get 6 billion views then why can't this?

  13. the keyboard is unplugged

  14. Me encanta esta cancion🎧❤

  15. I though Slender man wasn't a popular thing any more….. what ever the song is good

  16. Everyone LOVES AJR!!!!!! Thanks for ur Music!

  17. jon bellion, but as a band

  18. Why the s word man come on (still love u guys)

  19. Who’s here from David’s vlogs

  20. Wow, Lil Dicky is going a whole new direction with this one.

  21. I remember watching your cover videos so long ago and it makes me so happy seeing how far you guys have come

  22. Господа русские (если такие тут есть), мне мерещится или на 1:25 написано «истина»?

  23. Does anyone else love the piano players enthusiasm like yes! Can I be him

  24. We gon burn the whole house down!

  25. I’m not a fan of newer pop


    I’m digging this!!!!!


  27. Why dose he always ware that hat? At least we have something to describe the brothers as if we can't remember their names. BTW if you don't know their names its Allen Jack and Ryan.

  28. I can't even… Explain? How much I love this song? Like this SLAPS and I'll never get over it

  29. My mans got a pretty good hat

  30. anyone but me notices this song is about politics??
    -the guys in the suits are wearing red ties(republicans?) smashing TVs that say "truth"
    -house=the house of lies that Republicans are keeping from us
    -"march with every stranger from Twitter to get shit down" the protests that we have in the USA every now and then
    -and so much more meaning

  31. song starts

    "you sticky pickle"

    every time

  32. When you microwave tin foil

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