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All The Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift’s Video For 'ME!'

Taylor Swift has released a colorful music video for her brand-new song “ME!” featuring Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie from her upcoming seventh album. We break down all the Easter eggs and hidden meanings in the “ME!” music video that you may have missed. We spotted nods to past music videos for songs like “Look What You Made Me Do,” “Delicate,” “…Ready For It?” and “Our Song,” as well as plenty of references to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. She references several iconic movies too, like “The Wizard of Oz” and “Mary Poppins.” There’s even a cameo from country band The Dixie Chicks. We also point out where you can find every secret clue from Taylor’s famous “4.26” Instagram countdown.

In the video, we see Taylor shed the snake persona from her “Reputation” era and embrace a new era full of rainbows, butterflies, and kittens. The song and video explore themes like self-love, transformation, and nostalgia.


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All The Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift’s Video For ‘ME!’

Comments (31)

  1. The next song will be something about childhood. The Mary Poppins and Parent Trap. I can feel it in my bones.

  2. Taylor swift is so beautiful and amazing!!! hello im a swifty here if you dont mind can i make a request 😊🙏can you subcribe on my channel im a new creator /vlogger and made a taylor swift music video reaction, thanks in advance love you swifties thanks for your support 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. You forgot the part about how many clouds, and hand bags in the scene afterwards there were they represent something, I don’t know what, but I know it does because she mentioned it in her Instagram live after the video aired.

  4. It is CRAZY how so many singers today put SO MANY references in their music videos.

  5. As she is walking through the grand hall with the clouds behind her, just as she exits, there are shadows on the floor… those shadows are outlines ( shadows) of all the falling taylors that were falling in the look what you made me do video.

  6. Who the hell gives a shit

  7. I noticed that in the lyrics “ you can’t spell awesome without me “ u actually can’t. This is real bad but who cares

  8. her kaleidoscope ring is in the proposal box

  9. love dixie chicks! please have some collabs

  10. The snake has a blue eye and a pink eye, her hair has turned from pink to blue..this woman knows how to send cryptic messages

  11. “White Horse” reference on the somewhat unicorn she’s sitting on? Hehe

  12. in the pastel suit scene, the suits are of the 1989 cover colors, also shown on Taylor's nails in Delicate.

  13. The snake and butterfly are illuminati signs.

  14. There is a clock in the background if I Remember I think it was on 8:30?

  15. Another one was the 7 briefcases, each representing one of her 7 albums x

  16. Let me keep you company might mean she is with the robot Taylor in Are you ready for it?!

  17. God I was so painful to listen too.

  18. Y’all making it too complicatedXD

  19. This is one of the reasons why I love Taylor

  20. she's so extra 😂

  21. Honestly guys watch the album be called ME!
    Like let's think about it:
    Fearless has a song called fearless
    Speak now has a song called speak now
    Red has a song called red
    I know none of those songs were the leading singles of the album but like it's a possibility

  22. Now try watching it on 0.5 speed

  23. Also in the fourth scene, when the other girls hold the suitcases around her, there is 7 suitcases, just like how she has 7 albums.

  24. I love how creative she is!

  25. Taylor swift's would like to know your location

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