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AMAZING Motorcycle ACCIDENT Bike VS Truck Lane Splitting CRASH Biker HITS Semi 18 Wheeler FAIL 2016

AMAZING Motorcycle Accident Epic Sport Bike Fail While Lane Splitting On The Highway Street Bike VS Truck Caught On Tape 2016! Street bike crashes lane splitting gone wrong biker hits tractor trailer 18 wheeler semi truck on the freeway. Motorcyclist comes inches from nearly being run over by semi truck. motorcycle fails attempting to slipt lanes during Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century ROC 2016 in amazing sport bike accident. The whole street bike crash is caught on camera from another bikers Go Pro Hero helmet cam video camera attached to riders helmet. You’ll see motorbike rider riding on the freeway when suddenly biker hits car causing motorcycle to crash an flips over then the motorcycle smashes into 18 wheeler tractor trailer semi truck in the oppsite lane. During the motorcycle accident the biker somehow gets crusted underneath his own motorcycle an almost ran over by a 18 wheeler tractor trailer semi truck as well in a turly crazy epic fail. The make & model of street bike that crashed in the video clip is a 2001 – 2006 Honda CBR600F4i. Luckily for this motorcycle rider he doe’s not appear to be seriously injured it could have been a fatal motorcycle crash very easily. This video clip services as a great reminder to all motorcyclist to always wear proper safety protective gear whenever riding normally or performing motorcycle tricks and stunts. Thank you for watching this amazing motorcycle crash of bike VS truck epic bike fail caught on camera 2016! Please enjoy this video clip!


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Special Thanks To “MERCYBEAT” For Great Video Footage

Comments (47)

  1. My only question, is what made him think putting on a helmet was a good idea. What was he protecting? Obviously there is no intelligent life within his skull

  2. Too bad a few others didn't join them under the truck tires. Bikers are their own worst enemies.

  3. Es lo q causan estos inconscientes al ir en bola no falta algún bestia q no calcula si va pasar y choca la culpa definitivamente es el de la moto por tonto

  4. If only the semi crushed the whole gang.

  5. I don’t lane split so that saves me and my bikes life 🙂

  6. lane splitting should be illegal….some vihecles need their whole lane because of their size and road conditions and too few motorcyclists consider anyone but themselves on the road….yeas i ride about 30k a year thanks to my family choosing to live in Oklahoma despite me working in Texas

  7. Did Sasquatch just step out of that Semi?

  8. Y disque son un solo grupo y lo abandonaron todos🤣🤣

  9. Are we sure this wasnt a botched suicide?

  10. lane splitting is stupid, even if it is legal in some states

  11. There is where he belongs to be ……he doesn't care about his life ..why should we give a fuck?

  12. Por imprudencia de los motociclistas pasa estom

  13. Como son pendejos motociclistas

  14. Vollidioten auf dem Motorrad

  15. Selbst Schuld, interessiert doch keinen, wenn ihr Euch so verhaltet…. Amateure spielen Rocker…

  16. Thats whyu shouldnt cut between cars, idiots.

  17. Class D driving for DUMBASS!
    And let me guess, truck driver's and soccer mom's cars fault right?🤔

  18. La camioneta freno casi seco pobre moto 😂

  19. Espero que se mueran ellos y la mayoria de los putos motosiclistas

  20. Poor guy on the white van…

  21. Preferible q se maten a q causen un accidente fatal

  22. cam ơn chua bạn không bi di

  23. Chinguen su madre putos motociclistas la mayoría conduce como si la vida de los demás no importará

  24. Será que cago na calça!

  25. Drive safely bro, truck driver smart drive

  26. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Msj para todos los motoqueros , las lineas blancas o amarillas pintados en ruta , no significa carril exclusivamente para motos ..
    Se Cagan en los demás vehículos y si el camión lo hubiera pisado lo hubieran linchado al camionero gente de mierda ..soretes de la vía pública .

  28. Q estupido fue en meterce entre los autos es una multa grave. Q estupido ni manejar sabe.

  29. Tambien pinche bola de pendejos bikers deben de ir en un carril mas noooo entre los carriles!!! Aprendan a manejar !!!!

  30. เดือดร้อนชาวบ้านเขาอีกไอ้พวกเหี้ย

  31. I know not ALL bikers are douchebags…but mostly …YOU ARE

  32. The motorcycler was guilty¡¡¡¡¡¡

  33. Um espaço da porra desse e ainda bateu no carro. Vsf

  34. Ah jajajajaja Fuck Bikers

  35. Que porra de motoqueiros São esses? Que deixa o parceiro pra traz todo fudido ..

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