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April 1, 2019—What about the GCR—Global Currency Reset?

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  1. Very doubtful a global RV or RESET will happen this year, exactly because of what YOU already said. IT IS NOT SAFE!

  2. It will be awesome if it comes, just to know i can give it to people and animals that are in need, thailand have many in need it will be so nice to help. Best Wishes Cindy.

  3. Natural law Law of the Land 💖🌎💖

  4. Thank you Cindy…for all you’ve done throughout these past years. It’s always been about the children and humanity!! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  5. Btw. I would like to know if it is too late for projects. There is a person in Jamaica that has had the water as fuel project but no funding and I myself am a general contractor. I work with the homeless and want to do something along those lines. Also curing from cancer naturally and want to expose how I am healing to all people suffering from cancer too. Anyway love to you from the Cuban American community.

  6. Hi. There are some galactic groups ie "the postive side of 2012" that Trump steps down soon but the new president will be some guy named Adam? There is an Afam running independent for 2020. Anyway, personally I am behind you and would love to volunteer my services when the time comes. Love from Miami.

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