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Are We REALLY Identical Twins??? Click here to find out…

Are we REALLY identical twins??? Today you are going to find out along with us, since we decided to take a DNA test and compare our results! Do you think we are identical?

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We’ve really wanted to take a #DNAtest because we thought it would be HILARIOUS if our results didn’t come back exactly the same! We’ve been told that we are identical #twins our whole lives, so it was super interesting getting the results back! The tests told us our genetic heritage by generation and location, as well as show us true and potential relatives out there who have taken the test before. It accurately predicted that our eye color, that we would have a strong likelihood to be able to match musical pitch, and it even predicted a daily wake-up time of 9:02 for us… it must not have known that we’ve been in early morning bible study for the past 4+ years! 😂

Along with the #23andMe DNA test, we also took an #EverlyWell food sensitivity test, and those results ended up being interesting as well! Turns out, we don’t have any MAJOR food allergies or sensitivities, but there were a few mild ones that we found out about. Interestingly enough, our food sensitivities were similar, but not exactly the same. One of those being CHEDDAR CHEESE. I was literally heartbroken to find that out… buuuttt I don’t think that’ll stop me from eating it. Ya girl loves cheese!! 🧀

In the end, the tests (not sponsored) did reveal that we ARE in fact identical although some mild environmental factors contribute to our subtle differences! 😂 Of course we already knew that, since our parents had us tested in clinical study when we were not quite one year old. It was still super fun, though, to take these tests and find out so much about ourselves, and our strange food sensitivities!

Would you ever take a DNA test?? Where are your ancestors from? Comment below!

💋’s – Bailey

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  1. Have you ever taken a DNA test?? Where are your ancestors from? Comment below! (Also, don’t forget to check out our cute NEW hair clips! 💋's – Bailey

  2. The comment section says that there are 1.7k comments and Gacha lovely has received 4.1k likes on her/his comment……….

  3. Because of the way that DNA works and the way those companies test it it’s entirely possible for your results not to be exactly the same. The only way of actually knowing is if there was a test that was looking to see if you were identical twins.

  4. I do allergy tests all the time! I am more terrified about needles than Bailey

  5. I’m scared of needeles to

  6. I hate shots… If you had to love a needle, I would love a prick

  7. omg i love you girls so much you have no idea, u mean the world to me!

  8. 2 things. 1, if you get murdered, it’ll be super easy to identity the body because they have your blood now.
    And 2, if you do the murdering, you better be extra careful.

  9. um can yall tell me are brooklyn and bailey are adopted or biological??

  10. can we just admire those eye lashes ?? 😻😭

  11. Yes u guys are identical! But ive been watching for 6 Years so its easy to tell you guys apart now 😂

  12. Hey! No fair! I'm an identical twin too…. where's my love?

  13. Omg really??? These clips are between10 to15 dollars!! That is insane! By a pair at your Drugstore and give it a paint or glue some pearls on and you are done for 2 bucks. That is really expensive girls for your fans that are young.

  14. anyone know where Brooklyn's shorts are from?

  15. Its been so long….

    And now I'm still watchin this

  16. Baileys nose are pointed to the right

  17. Bailey is more high pitched and looks like a 5 y.o kid and Brooklyn is like teenager. But who's older??

  18. Y’all look like y’all mom😭

  19. You guys should do a video where you go through a drive through right after each other dressed the same and everything then see what the workers say and see if they are confused

  20. i wouldve thought they werent identical! one has a slightly bigger nose and the other one has a slight cleft/dimple on her chin. Maybe its just the way they do their makeup thats emphasizing certain features but they do look alot different to me

  21. i'm new to this channel but I love that you guys talk in unison all the time!

  22. If you guys like those clips Aliexpress has them for like $.60 with free shipping

  23. Brooklyn’s hair is so cute

  24. Bailey is my spirit WOMAN (if that even exist 🤣).

  25. Like = Brooklyn
    Comment = Bayley
    (btw I love both of them, I'm just curious to see what people think)

  26. brooklyn’s face is rounder

  27. Brooklyn gives me Blake Lively vibes

  28. Yes you have cleft Chins .

  29. they talk over each other a lot and i can’t follow 😂


  31. Y’all talk over each other so much it’s crazy… I thought I was the only one who noticed until I read the comments 😂

  32. youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu could have just asked ur mom

  33. Yay who wants to buy hair clips….. :/

  34. you two more identical the niki and gab twins

  35. Y’all don’t drink caffeine because you’re Mormon😂

  36. their eye shapes are different

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