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Artur Rehi reacts to German memes

Here are the German memes:

What Estonians think about Germany:

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Comments (45)

  1. Romania has the basic colors Blue , yellow , red

  2. Actually Hitler didn't do all plans wrong hehe. Take for example: Hitler wanted to take the areas in Ukraine (due to Germany's lack of oil) and his generals didn't.

  3. 2:33 germany only caused ww2 not ww1. That was actually the Austrians.

  4. 0:20 Germany is in central Europe

  5. In Germany you are allowed to sing the first verse but people will think you are a Nazi

  6. I love laughing about how stupid germany is. ( I'm german and i can say i would die to live somewhere else because the most people here don't even have humor hahaha)

  7. You could argue that these are "german" memes. But basically they're just neonazi bullshit.

  8. Schindler's List is a pretty bad film directed by the Jew Steven Spielberg and based on a work of historical fiction. That's right, FICTION.

  9. I wanna know what did they say as their last words? Nazis i mean

  10. i know its a meme but the colors of the flag actually stand for the colors of the outfits of the soldiers that fought napoleon

  11. Wuhu greetings from a fellow baltic german (east prussian) =)

  12. We have a 9% law
    So thats why I import German Beer,Dutch Beer,British Beer,and Italian Wine

  13. Deutschland Deutschland über alles is no nazi anthem retard, its the current anthem

  14. Imagine what would happened if Germany won WW3 …. Germany was able to Win WW2 but Hitler did some mistakes

  15. If you think american beer is bad tey are whiskey

  16. Germany is in Central Europe

  17. 5:35 hitler was actually very tactical he just became the scapegoats of all the generals after he died…

  18. Noooo 8:43 i am jew noooo plz xd

  19. Haha lol wie ich das als deutscher absolut nicht lustig finde…lösch dich bitte

  20. Germans, fucking up europe since 1910's.

  21. there's more ethnic Germans in America than ethnic Americans so that isn't how American schools are

  22. A i the only one seeing a wrong thumbnail or my pc is bad

  23. Greetings from germany 😉

  24. 2:31 this meme is inaccurate. Austria-Hungary caused the 1st world war, not Germany.

  25. WEHRMACHT denn solche Memes? :,D

    The first verse isn't forbidden, but nobody sings it. It doesn't even contains any brutal or nazi things….not like other anthems

  26. a shame to any german… to search for a video to find others laughing about ww2 jokes… when even in german classes germans get teached their own history written down by americans… just passing a light! Btw Fun Fact: Germany reacted in both WW. Seach for Wie kam es zum zweiten Weltkrieg.

  27. Actually, if you look into it, he didnt start overulling his generals until after kursk. His generals werent as good as people say. But that doesnt change the favt that hitler was a dumbass 1943-1945

  28. Actually germans are not efficent,germans are smart… they offer bosnian people a job in germany,and the job is builder bob… they're smart aren't they?

  29. Well, historians agree that hitler in many situations made the right call even if the generals where opposed to it, of course he screwed up In many other situations like Stalingrad but not all the blame is on him for stupid decisions tactics wise

  30. Wait, so it says Nazi German Hardcore Hell March, But on the top of that video it says Russian Hell March?

  31. Germany is actually in Central Europe.

  32. Thank you artur Rehi
    For standing up for Germany and Germans in general

  33. Well I mean Hitler did listen to he's generals but it's really after Stalingrad that he refused to listen and did some bad desicions like the battle of the bulge but in 1941 and early 1942 he did make the right decision of wanting to invade the Ukraine and Caucasus but Halder manipulated he's order so that the priority went to Moscow

  34. do you like britain? im not forcing you to say yes, btw lmao

  35. When Führer was wrong, generals were right and when Führer was right, generals were wrong

  36. When u said that u cant sing deustchland deutschland über alles im germany thats their anthem right now

  37. 5:31 sorry but that just aint true
    hitler did take advice from his commanders
    but half of the time he didnt listen his plans actually worked out better than generals ones
    and so on

  38. Greetings from your former rulers aka Sweden!

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