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Asian music trend!?

Hey so today this topic just kinda came across my mind so i thought i’d make a video about it and share with y’all! Tell me what you think. Feel free to leave a comment…
If you don’t know about Asian music…go search and you’ll def gonna find some great ones 🙂
*****IMPORTANT: No offense intended to any fan clubs of any band and anyone’s personal music taste

No cpyright infringment intended. All the music contents belong to the copyright owner.

Music by: Bigbang – Last farewell/ 2NE1- I don’t care

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  2. they appeal to the younger audience idols as u say thats why they are popular if america made boy bands popular again I think it would become a trend because there are few pop groups here that people really love they even get millions of hits on youtube im a rocker dont listen to pop voluntarily but some of its cool pop just the music pat of it the other stuff is to showy for asian music i prefer jap/chinese over korea because they have good rock korea only have a few rock groups and more pop

  3. I just discovered your channel 🙂 As a Canadian who has lived abroad in South Korea for several years teaching English I´m quite familiar with this style of music. In my opinion, it´s really a question of quality versus popularity. Although popular, it´s highly manufactured & somewhat inauthentic. The lyrics tend to be simplistic & geared towards sappy love themes. Quite frequently the songs are not written by the performers themselves and management groups control the way they dress.

  4. @callofdodo Wow thank you so much for the comments!!! You're totally right. 🙂 oh I look like your friend? lol hahaha thanks again for the comments. They are very educating! 😀

  5. @requiemvlog yeah i get what you mean. I like their music a lot and i think they are actually talented. The leader of the band wrote some hiphop music since he was in elementary school. Don't really like the costume stuffs either. ItThose trends have been going on a whole around here.

  6. @MZB1993 oh JLS! i know them. I think you're totally right! The Us is heading toward hiphop and all that stuffs. Now i'm starting to miss the music i heard when i was 4 or 5 🙂

  7. There are some big boy bands still around, (JLS in England) but, I think America has moved a lot towards R'n'b and hip hop (I don't really like either of these D:)

  8. @ChrisNikopol Wow you know lots of Asian bands too! I see what you mean. The way i see it is that they try to be masculine in their make-up, clothes, that sometimes it looks like the things that men wouldn't do. That's only what i think though and no offense to Asians too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing you great thoughts.

  9. @JoseElGotis I see. Very true. It always depends on culture and tastes of the people too i guess. I'll try to find those Mexican bands you told me. yess we have multicultural weeks here in my university since it's a n international university. Now we're in a Vietnamese week! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  10. @ploysr08 I didn't mean to say time moves slower in Asia im just saying that every region has its own musical preferences like hip hop in the us, Spanish Rock in Latin America, Trance in Europe and boy bands like you said in Asia. I f you like Indie an dalternative music I recomend Mexican bands, Zoe,Kinky and Chetes. wow salsa in Japan? how awsome!!!

  11. @JoseElGotis I see i see. You're right! I guess time moves slower in Asia. I never really get a chance to listen to Spanish music though except when i danced salsa for my latin-America week grand show in here. 🙂

  12. @holyshirei haha Thanks Siddy. Lucky it didn't splash to my face lol. You're the first one who says that Thai bands have a tendency to grow in the market 🙂 I'm actually not so familiar with the band and artisit you just said hahaha. For Thai artist i like Boyd Kosiyapong and other artists in the Bekery music company. I think they are so talented and great. I'll look up the artists you tol me though. It got me wondering what their music are like. 😀

  13. @GeeKuroKami oh okay. I'll look them up. I think i've heard of Aya Matsuura before somewhere. Thanks for the recommendation. Yes Utada Hikaru sings in English. She used to sing in Japanese but now that she's an international singer she sings in English. 🙂

  14. I guess boys bands appeared in the america's earlier than in Asia and so naturally people got really tired of them after a while. I love japanese metal, and goth-metal with their voices the music just sounds more interesting. Japanese electro-pop is really nice too, and Electronic music in the rest of Asia is really nice too. Music in America nowadays is just crap both in English and Spanish. I feel like Asia somehow is still in the 90s when it comes to music. un Beso y un abrazo.

  15. Hey Ploy! I know everyone have already said it but I'm going to say it too, you look really good today! =D Even after being splashed! How do you do it!?!

    Anyways I think Thailand bands have their market too! Like for one I love Pchy (aka Witwisit Hiranyawongkul) band. And Worrawech Danuwong who's a solo artist though but I just want to say that Thais have their market value too! Pchy look like a pretty boy too that can beat almost any of the korean/jap guys in looks.

  16. @GeeKuroKami oh really? Any recommendation on which one i should start listening to? lol I only know Utada Hikaru 🙂

  17. @PartiallyFamous Thanks! and yesss You should search and see some! You'll be surprised of how different the music styles are from those of the US.

  18. @BelieveInFate Great! looking forward to it 🙂

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