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Avenged Seven Fold So Far Away Reaction

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Comments (27)

  1. A very powerful song. I've listened to it several times…
    Ty your ending commentary was well said.

  2. Thanks for reacting to this song!
    Please do Save Me, Fiction, Seize the Day, or Nightmare soon by Avenged Sevenfold…
    and I dare you to do A Little Piece of Heaven by them too (music video). 🙃

  3. hello……….I guess by now, u know, there are as many songs as there are people. Hope you enjoy your journey….PEACE

  4. Avenged sevenfold second heartbeat live in the lbc

  5. Try another song by avenged sevenfold : beast and the harlot, bat country, a little piece of heaven, M.I.A, second heartbeat, nightmare, afterlife live in LBC, buried alive, unholy confessions, eternal rest, burn it down, blinded in chains, scream, almost easy, critical acclaim live in LBC. Thanks dude, have a nice day:)

  6. That song is dedicated to they drummer jimmy "the rev" sullivan, his died in 2009

  7. Will you react to first date by blink 182 with the music video? Thank you 😊 Love your videos!

  8. You can hear the pain in his voice 😢 so emotional 💔 May God give you comfort guys 🙏

  9. Such a beautiful and touching tribute song 💕 RIP 🙏

  10. Afterlife is a great song as well 😥

  11. I cry every time I hear this song. I miss the Rev so much! Can your please react to Avenged Sevenfold – Seize the day

  12. You should start listening to Punk Rock. Bad Religion, Sex Pistols and Misfits.

  13. Whenever I hear a song that I haven't heard before, I feel like I'm experiencing it with you.

  14. This song brings me back to my 3 month old daughter, she passed away back in 2006 to SIDS.. there is so much I want to say to her but will never be able to.. MRM… Another GREAT song from these guys is seize the day!!!!

  15. A7X(Avenged sevenfold) amazing band!!

  16. My Mom taught be alot about life..but most of all she taught me about Faith in the Lord. Even in her worse days, her Faith got her thru..thank you all for condolences. It means alot to me!! Thank you MRM, and yes negative thoughts makes me i try think of positive, and its helped alot..and your channel and advice and all great subscribers here too…GOD BLESS YALL ALL

  17. you should check out diamond eyes by shinedown.

  18. You can definitely hear the pain/anger at the very end, "Soooo Faarrrr Awaaayyyyy!" Thoughts certainly do influence the body, I like watching these types of vids even though I already know the songs, seeing someone else get the feeling really brings it back full circle and I can appreciate these songs I've kind of worn out for myself, really gets me in my feels sometimes too much lol.

  19. Awesome song!! Crazy I was going to request Dear God or seize the day yesterday!! Dear God is my favorite! Good review MRM❤️

  20. Please do whispering a prayer by Steve vai,

  21. Love this song…..Got 2 verses of it Tattooed on my side….Reminds me of my Grandfathers

  22. Shepard of Fire is a better song by them but the video is stupid so skip it if you review it

  23. sorry for your Loss..great song for your Mom…

  24. Danger Line by Avenged Sevenfold

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