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Background music for news intro – “Breaking News” / news sound/ news music/ royalty-free music track

News music for news, intros, broadcasting, news openings, business report, Tv, network, news videos and news countdown or timer.

What is Royalty-Free music and how to use this music track:

You can use this music in your film and video productions, web media, podcasts, broadcasts, TV and radio programs, YouTube and Internet Videos, corporate videos, web applications, tutorials, video trailers, presentations, training videos, multimedia projects, animations, slideshows, iPhone and iPad Apps, video games, commercials or advertising, web applications and other private or commercial projects.

“Royalty-Free music” means music “free from royalties”. So you pay only once, not every time when it’s used. When you purchase royalty-free music, you’re buying the license to use the music in your projects and videos. A license gives you the right/permission to use the purchased song without having to pay any additional fees.

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  1. when epic games announces that skin gifting will be released

  2. Hi i just wanna ask if what video editor did you used for editing thise video?

  3. Is music k liye copy right aasaktahekya

  4. Thank u for doing this I really need this for school

  5. Who are the BBC News personalities, past and present?

  6. Im going to use this for school!😄Cause Its really good 😀

  7. Can i use this for a school project?

  8. so logically "news music for news"

  9. I'm confused…if it's royalty free then why would I or anyone pay for it?

  10. EmilySnowdon さんイギリスと言えばLiteracy?

  11. I love the music. I ordered a license to use as a countdown before I record my weekly blog. Just curious, where did you use, or where can you get that animation?

  12. hello, would you please let me know how to purchase your music. thank you. best.

  13. What type of music is this?

  14. News music for news, intros, broadcasting, news openings, business report, Tv, network, news videos and news countdown or timer.

  15. hey good job now my movie is complete

  16. Whaaaaaaat is up drama alert naaatiooon

  17. Great music, it was very helpful for me and my friends stuffy talk show! XD dont ask

  18. Ist zwar gut aber es stören diese"Soren Sisters you"oder wie auch immer das heißt ohne denen wäre es besser

  19. can use this for school project?please?  I'm not posting it on youtube or anything onnlymy class gets to see this

  20. i wanna how know i make a news! this is good!

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  22. I would consider this "pretty good" by my standards

  23. Really good vid!
    Btw, if you are searching for newly royalty free music^ Check my music channel!

  24. What's up DramaAlert nation?

  25. it is already Low quality, so why add the annoying women speaking and ruin the audio if its royalty free

  26. Really good intro music. It is ok if i use this for a project at work?

  27. nice clip..its just..either make it without the vocal watermark or just don´t upload it…who is going to be able to use this?

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