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Barbara Bush funeral: Former first lady laid to rest in Houston | ABC News

Four former presidents and First Lady Melania Trump will be in attendance for the ceremony.

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  2. Yes you will now taste the wrath of ALLAH almighty lord of the universe. You evil piece of cancer zionist. Devil worshipper and guilty of killing millions. Taste the dark blazing hellfire and rot in hell cancer piece of trash die in hell.


  4. Its five former Presidents; Carter, Clinton, Obama Bush 41 and 43


  6. now they are both with Lucifer both of the child eating and child killing lunatics. Hey i am just as mean when it comes to hating us all for reproducing so much. And destroying the plane of excistince we all live on. But what they did and all these fucks have done need to to be exposed and stopped. Q

  7. Ono što je šokiralo Jeba Busha, došlo je od ženske osobe koja je stajala iza pripadnika tajne službe. Na snimci se jasno vidi kako je cijela stvar dogovorena i očekivana. Primjetno je kako se čekalo na neku bitnu poruku. Ženska osoba iz obitelji Bush svoj program sprovoda je dodala agentu tajne službe, da bi potom uzela drugi koji je držala muška osoba pokraj nje. Ili je pak iz svoga programa izvadila sporni materijal i dodala ga agentu tajne službe. Taj detalj nije konkretno vidljiv iz snimke. Da je materijal došao od spomenute osobe dokazuje i svojevrsno komešanje i došaptavanje nje i muške osobe koja je stajala pokraj nje nakon što je završla primopredaju spornoga materijala. Potom je agent tajne službe materijal dodao Georgeu Bushu koji ga je (vidljivo je iz njegova stava i izraza lica kako je znao sadržaj istoga) dodao Lauri Bush koja je ostala šokirana onime što vidi te je pokazavši materijal Jebu on došao u isto stanje šoka. Razvidno je kako Jeb nije znao da sporni materijal postoji i da ga on treba vidjeti. Ili je pak znao, no zbog svoje nejake osobnosti i nespretnosti pa i svojevrsne nezrelosti i gluposti ga je spomenuti materijal toliko očito šokirao. Jeb je potom pogled uputio ne prema agentu kako to svi misle već prema sanduku pokojnoga oca da bi zatim pogled uputio prema predsjedniku Trumpu, ne mijenjajući izraz šoka. Izraz lica nakon primopredaje materijala promijenio se i kod Georgea Busha. Kao da je suzdrzavao neki osjećaj između tuge, žaljenja, šoka i ljutnje. Vidljiva je kod njega također i svojevrsna uznemirenost koja nije bila prisutna prije primopredaje. Dok je Laura Bush imala izraz lica koji u potpunosti pokazuje samo šok i iznenađenost. Po prolasku sanduka prema izlazu, za istim je krenula obitelj pokojnoga predsjednika, George, Laura, Jeb i ostali, a skupa s njima je pošao i gore spomenuti pripadnik tajne službe kojem je predsjednik Trump pokazao uzdignuti palac (takozvani "like") dok je ovaj prolazio pokraj njega. Iz prethodnog i daljnjeg snimka je vidljivo da je spomenuti pripadnik tajne službe šef osiguranja bivšega predsjednika Busha. Tome u prilog ide i činjenica kako sjedi na suvozačkome mjestu automobila u kojem se vozi bivši predsjednik Bush, što je pravilo kod osiguravanja predsjednika SAD-a. Dakle, šef osiguranja uvijek se vozi na suvozačkome mjestu predsjednikova automobila. Također, gore spomenutoj muškoj osobi od koje je materijal potekao, prilikom prolaska pokraj bivšega predsjednika Busha (na ulazu u automobil nakon ceremonije), predsjednik Bush je nešto dobacio, rekao. Dakle, par stvari se iz svega može zaključiti. A to su:

    1. Cijela stvar je bila dogovorena i očekivana od strane Georgea Busha jer je on jedini koji je po svemu djelovao kao da zna o čemu se radi u cijeloj stvari.
    2. Bushovi su očekivali naručenu informaciju u vidu spornoga materijala.
    3. Koverte koje su dobili Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden i Mike Pence (njegova žena je samo držala njegov program sprovoda, koverta nije bila namjenjena njoj) i još par osoba povezane su s spornim materijalom kod Bushovih.
    4. U cijeloj stvari se radi o nečem spornom povezanom s pokojnim predsjednikom Bushom.
    5. Cijela stvar je na neki način povezana s predsjednikom Trumpom.
    6. Radi se o nečem bitnom čim se mainstream mediji ne bave time i tako cijelu stvar zataškavaju.

  8. Rip Barbara pierce bush

  9. Every year pain of death gets easy if u know JESUS you will go to heaven but if you serve Satan your souls will go to hell.your body goes back to dust

  10. For those who think Bushs are bad guys from 1945 the only nation which have conducted war against another country to expand its countries area is russia the country which killed 1 milion people on georgia and abkhazia in a cruel war was russia the country which backed rebels on vietnam was USSR which made a huge war in vietnam a country which cut korea in half and backed a terrorist family in korea was ussr the country which backed saddam hussain to kill 2 milion civilians in iran and other arabic nations was russia and the country which attacked afghanistan was russia which downed kingdom of afghanistan which was progressing afghanistan toward go read about what ussr did to world and what russia is doing and how USA started those wars and why started those wars who is the real devil? Absolutely Russia
    down with russia

  11. God bless America god bless former president and first lady

  12. Can you imagine how many Secret Service agents must be at these funerals? You've got multiple past Presidents and their entire families, the current President and his family, and endless past and current members of Congress, the Executive and Judicial branches, CIA and FBI agents and past and current CIA directors (as Bush Sr. was the CIA director himself), etc…I can't imagine the security at these funerals, and also the extreme risk posed to all of these past and current governmental members and leaders. With the rate the mass-shootings in this country have been happening, I'm thankfully surprised that has opened-fire during one of these funerals…hopefully it will stay that way…

  13. I love how every time they flashed to the audience the camera went right on the Clintons…Was the Bush family even there?

  14. And today, Thursday December 6, 2018 her hubby, the 41st President of these United States, George H.W. Bush is laid to rest next to his Silver Fox, Barbara and their 3 year old daughter, Robin. May they rest in peace…

  15. They're Catholics; not Christian! Oh my!

  16. Did they play Taps for her funeral?

  17. Jackie Kennedy John F Kennedy
    Patricia Nixon & Richard Nixon
    Lady Bird Johnson & Lyndon B Johnson
    Betty Ford & Gerald R Ford
    Nancy Reagan & Ronald W Reagan
    Barbara Bush & George H.W. Bush

  18. Elizabeth I'm comin

  19. i believe she and former President Reagan’s wife were the best first lady of america

  20. As a German I have to thank Barbara and George H. W. Bush for their friendship and assistance to our country during our reunification. R.I.P. Mrs. Bush.

  21. Ding dong the witch is dead, which ole' witch, the wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.

  22. Absolutlyceremony format first statts first lady in houston absolutly Barbarabush .

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  24. who came here from shane

    Just me……….. okay……..

  25. when I was in 3rd grade we visited the George Bush Library and museum she patted me on the head she was amazing she will be missed loved her

  26. Sheen was in Houston but he has to leave from Houston bc of her funeral

  27. How dare someone dislike it

  28. T.Fantastic funeral for a Barbara I know in The Netherlands samen met Jan Pierre van De Rest de genius . Oh dear and the classicus musicus players . Pain in the bud with the whole Roest family especially Beppy en Bastiaan. Will see u all in Almere Heaven guyz at Monuta in Buiten. Loves from Heaven but for u guyz will be Hell this time coz I'm an arrogant American and I keep it that way. Acteeren is voor idioten als jullie. T.

  29. Fuck that bitch she deserved it

  30. The service was very moving. RIP Mrs. Bush, and Robin

  31. My mother had the pleasure of working in the white house under her.
    Such a regal woman, with a strong sense of empathy.

  32. You people are brainwashed for real

  33. Good riddance to a devil worshipper. May she not rest in hell. It's hot down there

  34. Fly high Barbara. You will be missed.

  35. here from shane Dawson
    This is really sad
    we will always remember u

  36. Rest from their labours of fucking turmoil and eternal death 💀 go to hell

  37. All I can see is Iraqi children and the dead bodies of Iraqis and Libyans and Syrians and Yemenis in the room.

  38. The bush’s are fucking cunts and I can’t wait for them to all die rot in hell scum satanic bastards who rape children and eat children and raped and abused Iraqis. Fucking cunts!!!

  39. Iraqi children were the favourite to choose to be raped put in cages cut up mutiliated and eaten by the elites Satanic scum bags for their own pleasure. I am watching some of this so I can see the bush family and relish from the pain on their faces and that is only one person in their family who have died. How about countless of Iraqi children??? Mothers brothers fathers everyone who died absolute scum !!!!! Rot in hell!!! Allah has prepared well

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