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BBC Proms in the Park | The Cast of BOOH (2018)

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Bat Out of Hell’s Jordan Luke Gage and Christina Bennington rocked the BBC Proms in the Park crowd on Saturday 8th Sep 2018.

(All rights owned by the BBC – Video uploaded to share with our fans and lovers of rock’n’roll)

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  1. nice try but he's not meat.

  2. I saw the show yesterday and it was amazing (Music and Choreography. I just don't like Romeo and Juliet stories). I did not see Andrews performance but Jordan has amazing vocals. But I do agree on the chemistry part

  3. Have seen show with Barney as Strat, and I much prefer him or Andrew as Strat… Jordan not a great actor and no chemistry with Raven….

  4. Damn she’s really hot in this one

  5. Saw this at the Dominion last week. It was awesome, great chemistry, fab voices. So glad Jim Steinman managed to get his Booh music out as it was intended for, on the musical theatre stage.

  6. I miss andrew, i know Patrick may need time to absorve the role (much time), but my impression is tha patrick sings the song, but andrew and meat loaf, lived the song and they vibe with every chord, i hope patrick would adapt with some time and be a good strat, no the case by the moment

  7. West End and Broadway Rock musicals, what do they do? Target the most theatrically OTT performances in rock history by such as Queen (We Will Rock You), 80s hair bands (Rock of Ages), and Meatloaf (Bat Out Of Hell), and embed them in a paper thin story that functions just to pass the time between songs. The music is stripped of what little wit, edge and spontaneity it had, with classical orchestrations and stage school kids who strut and skip and gurn and stare and bare their teeth in a cartoon parody of rock's raw energy and threat.
    (Something similar might be said about Mercury, Jovi and Meatloaf themselves of course!)

    A night at the theatre for people who appreciate neither authentic music nor mature drama, I guess.

  8. his voice does not do it for me..

  9. Absolutely love Jordan as strat. Can’t wait to see the show again on NYE

  10. They. Just. Don't. Have. A. Clue. What. They. Are. Singing. About. … But THAT is amazing!

  11. In that case, he has grown into the role very quickly. I saw the show last night and it was awesome. They didn't seem to be uncomfortable kissing at all. All of the vocal performances were amazing, there wasn't a single soloist I didn't like (and there's usually one at least that lets a show down). To top it all, after performing for two and a half hours, the cast then stood with buckets as the audience left, collecting for the distinguished gentleman's ride (including the main characters) – I hope they got a huge amount of donations for this worthy cause.

  12. I loved Andrew and yes Jordan’s got big shoes to fill but of course he knows that. I’ve seen Jordan as Strat before Andrew left and he did a brilliant job, met him after and he’s the nicest guy. Performing on a stage like this is a lot harder than at the dominion too, I think he’s doing great!

  13. I saw the show with the current understudy and I actually liked him much better tbh

  14. Cant' wait for next visit which is audience sing along show 25 September. We're right in the front Wahey!!! Go Bat! Anyone think Christina resembles a young Lily Munster lol?

  15. He doesn't have Andrew's stage presence but boy can he sing!

  16. Theres no denying this boy can sing but he has massive doc martins to fill and although I dont think he is as good as Andrew he is still incredibly talented.

  17. to those confused in the comments, andrew polec ( og strat ) left the west end production a couple of weeks ago to rehearse and eventually play strat in the american bat out of hell tour. the strat on stage here is jordan luke gage, who used to play blake in the show but has taken over the role of strat following andrew’s departure!

  18. I‘m so excited to see how the adapted BOOH in Germany 😱 I saw it live in London with Andrew Polac and was blown away, it‘s always hard to see a different cast, but Jordan has an amazing voice too 💕

  19. The problem is not his voice, he has a better voice then Andrew. In my Opinion Andrew was the better actor, but the thing that is really missing is the chemistry between him and Christina eg. at 2:57. It just looks like they dont want to kiss at all… dunno it feels weird xD

  20. Wtf is that guy? Not the guy I saw. The girl is cheating on him.

  21. I think what a lot of you seem to be missing, is that this was as open air as you could get and can you imagine how difficult it must be to sing in those circumstances? Even Michael Ball did not sound a patch on how he does in the theatre. I have seen Jordan as Strat more than once and can assure you he is worthy of filling Andrew’s massive boots. I adore Andrew and he will always be the original Strat but people have to move on.

  22. Will take some getting used to very hard to fill Andrew shoes almost impossible

  23. Bring back the original strat

  24. Jordan doesn't have quite the same timbre to his voice as Andrew, but man he did a good job! It's so great to see that they have another amazing Strat. Now I just have to get to England to see it! Come to Australia, please!

  25. I don’t like the the new guy

  26. How come Andrew wasn't in this one? Has he left?.

  27. Jordan was the first Strat we saw in London he was amazing! Saw Andrew twice a month later and he was amazing too, yes he's the OG Strat but Jordan is just as great. Also saw Gio is on X Factor this Saturday.

  28. Jordan's voice is fabulous. Christina gets to kiss all those cute guys. I think Jordan knew he had some big shoes to fill but he's doing a great job. I'll be seeing Andrew in San Francisco is December. So glad to see this posted, I was looking for it.

  29. Don't like the new strat

  30. i wish i could see this show

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