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Beats Antique – “Egyptic” – Fillmore Auditorium – Denver Colorado

Beats Antique plays “Egyptic” at a sold out show at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver Colorado. Alex Grey paints and Zoe Jakes dances.
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  1. Too rough.In case no one noticed, this person is a transgender which may explain the strong moves.

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  3. Hay you dance not me ever for ever

  4. Were you lied to lije so many belly dancer under Armageddon war if God

  5. Are a queen of armies what is dance under march war with God

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  8. Really superb, so wonderful highly energetic and impressive thrillings and greaceful creativity in this dance act and unbelievable so much very nice body language performance and the God bless you with all good wishes.

  9. Guys this is called Tribal Dance this is not belly dancing. Belly Dancing concerns the movement of the hips on the beats of the music. I used to belly dance so I know…

  10. Zoe is my favorite belly dancer, she's beautiful and I love her unique way of belly dance ❤

  11. She is an Oracle of the past….with movement….Damn

  12. 1 Clarinete , tenia años que no veia uno , ligar con violines es Casi de Dioses , Por Favor como se llama su Grupo ?

  13. Thats cool! Artist Alex Grey Painting onstage !Zoe and beats Antique are amazing !Love love love them!

  14. Absolutely AMAZING 🌻

  15. I made a video dancing to this. just for fun.💖😊🌍

  16. Well that's interesting. Belly break dancing or is that break belly dancing?

  17. Very very well done!👍👍👍❤️

  18. Ooh my.. The song alone just came the right time

  19. I have always loved belly dancing <3

  20. She is just a bundle of very erotic energy.

  21. almost like a bellydance rockstar as the lead singer without the lyrics 🙂 cool!!

  22. This is Oriental Dance?

  23. I think this is such a great concept. Music, dance and art happening at the same time, in the same place. Inspiration busts out all over!

  24. Beats antique and Alex Grey, this is so me

  25. This is just wonderful!

  26. Zoe is so inspirational! She puts such spirit and joy into the dance.

  27. Hamdi Omar. As most men, you are clueless. Belly dance should not concern you. Belly dance was made by women, FOR women, with FEMALE musicians. It stems from Asia, through Europe, from the Polynesian Islands to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Women danced FOR EACH OTHER, not for men, unless it was for their husbands in private. Women danced for wedding showers, baby showers and many different celebrations. Through the years, men's fragile egos made belly dance all about THEM. But no more….it is the celebration of W O M E N .

  28. Zoe Jakes is the only dancer I've ever seen dance to the spirit of this song. At least in my opinion and interpretation of the song.

  29. It is dance, it is art, it is evolution of the ancient music and movement. Welcome to the new old world!

  30. what da hell is this??????????this isn't belly dance there is not even one beat of Arabic music

  31. Thumbs up for Alex Grey jammin to this song!

  32. I really wanted to go 🙁 ARGH I wish I'd gone.

  33. Beautiful Woman,Dance,and Music.

  34. Совсем не чувствует музыку

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