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Beauty Battle ft. Kim Kardashian & MakeupByMario

HI SISTERS! For the first time ever, we’re doing a Beauty Battle, but I’m not in the middle. I challenged Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, to a battle on Kim Kardashian’s face. Can I compete against the artist that has done her face every day for the past 10 years? Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

WRITER: Eros Gomez

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Comments (26)

  1. Actually I think james did perfect its so fanned out and beautiful, Mario did great more matte more smokey but James wins this one for me, the only thing I would change are the lashes, Mario really got them GOING like A++++ Also I felt like James' bronze was a little harsher than usual but maybe thats just the lighting? Other than that absolutely beautiful work from the both of you.

  2. Sister James 100% , sorry mario your side is still great I’m just a more James look kinda person

  3. Mario and Kim are matching and sister James is standing out 😂GO SISTER JAMES ❤️

  4. I think James had better foundation but Mario had better eye make up

  5. I didn’t know Johnny Depp was a makeup artist especially to Kim Kardashian

  6. Lmao 😂 “must be nice” lmao

  7. Love love love James side 💝

  8. You should do a video doing your makeup with no mirror

  9. Love both looks, Mario's natural or James's natural Glam James has this one for me

  10. mostly kinda annoyed because one of my pet peeves are when people talk and whistle it annoys me

  11. Looking through the comments I’m seeing “Oh Mario’s side is better!”,”Mario’s is smoother”. Bear in mind that he’s been doing makeup for 19 years (Almost the same as James life span) and that James has only been doing it for 2-3 years with a huge difference! I think judging both that they were both beautiful, taking their talents and flaws into mind.
    -Sister Wolf x

  12. Mario's wing wasn't good at all IDC IDC IDC but the rest of his side was bomb

  13. For sure Mario's side.. but James side is snatched as well!

  14. Las personas no son objetivas en sus comentarios, si bien el acabado de Mario es impecable, James prácticamente esculpió las facciones de la chica, como resultado levanta su mirada y beneficia las facciones de la modelo creando un balance en la simetría del rostro. Si bien el difuminado de las sombras en los ojos es pobre, malo, oh Dios desastroso!!! La simetría facial q proporciona su maquillaje es simplemente perfecta. Debo de señalar además q James hablo tanto q tal vez esto propició q el resultado final fuera el deseado, honestamente no creo q sea lo mejor de él. Por último no entiendo porqué la modelo se niega a admitir públicamente q tiene extensiones en las pestañas (el artista puede identificar si es cierto o no) !!! El propósito de este trabajo es lucir más femenina y destacar la belleza de los ojos. Entonces si es capaz de costear este servicio 👏🏻 (porque nadie se lo paga) porque negarlo, es hermosa con pestañas y sin ellas, debemos de incentivar la seguridad, al mismo tiempo q compartimos todos aquellos conocimientos y tratamientos q puedan contribuir a mejorar la apariencia física del público en general. Eso es todo!

  15. We should call the haters stepsisters

  16. I heard about you for the first time today on Strahan and Sarah and the looks you did were amazing! I'm a middle age woman in body but not in mind! You an amazing person. You have beauty and substance to your life that is rare for a person of your generation. Sorry so long, just wanted to give you props!😘🙌🤚

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