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Best laptop for music production (top 5) – mid range – november 2018

The best laptop for music production is a high range laptop, but with a mid range you can also produce music pretty decently.
But what is the best mid range notebook for music production?
Let’s find out!

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💻 ASUS VivoBook Slim S510UQ-BQ520T 15.6-Inch Laptop (Gold) – (Intel Core i7-8550U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphics, Windows 10)

💻 ASUS S510UQ-BQ204T 15.6-Inch Nano Edge Screen VivoBook (Gold) – (Intel Core i7-7500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GTX940MX, Windows 10)

💻 ASUS FX504GM-EN150T 15.6 Inch 120 Hz Full HD Wide-View Laptop (Metal) – (Intel Core i7-8750H, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD, Nvidia GTX1060 6 GB Graphics, Windows 10)

💻 HP ENVY x360 15.6 Inch FHD Convertible Laptop with Stylus – (Natural Silver) (Intel i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics, 4 GB Dedicated, Windows 10 Home)

💻 HP ENVY x360 15.6 Inch FHD Touch-screen Convertible Laptop with Stylus (Silver)(Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SDD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics, 4 GB dedicated, Windows 10 Home)

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========== TRANSCRIPTION ====

What is the best laptop for music production in the mid range category.
The laptop that are good enough to make music, although they are not as powerful as the high range computers.
Lets take look at those laptops

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I did a video about budget laptops for music production and high range computers for music production.
Links to the videos in the description.
But there is a category in between.
A category that is good enough for the bedroom producer to make music with.

In this video I’ll start with the things to look out for and at the end of the video I will name 5 types of laptop models

i5, 8th gen
AMD is a alternative

8gb, but see if can expand

-hard drive
ssd 256 gb
or 7200rpm
hibrid = combination
see if you can replace later

-windows 10
don’t choose 10s, you can’t install your DAW

17” preferred
if you choose 15″, the best is an ultra wide screen

I have compiled a blacklist of brands where
-build quality and
-garantuee handling is not a priority,
-latency issues
-known overheating issues

Dell especially XPS and Insperion series

HP Elitebook series
Microsoft Surface
Apple Macbook Pro
Dell Alienware

Comments (25)

  1. Are you a clone of unbox therapy in audio production world?

  2. sir can i buy acer nitro 5 for music production thought it is a gaming laptop …pleaseeeee answer my question……

  3. Is Lenovo legion y530 i7 8750h recommended?

  4. HP envy must overheat as hell…

  5. An i7 8850h is 6 cores 12 threads and is faster than 8750h (also 6 cores with HT), Surface book, Dell, Lenovo, Apple laptops have some problems, either hardware or software issues. And/or over heats (XPS ans Surface book do I heard). Why do you say MSI gaming laptop overheat? Where did you read that?

  6. Is it windows 10 or only windows 10s that cannot install the daw outside Microsoft store. ? Thanks

  7. Which software good with it we can make good music

  8. Hello thank you for these recommendations. I am surprised by the Blacklist, but you know more than I do so I take you seriously. Question: do high-end models from your Black List manufacturers quality as White List machines for music production? For example, Lenovo Yoga 730 or Dell XPS 15 or 13? Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

  9. Crap I have lenovo xD I suppose I might get the HP.

  10. What about mac pro i 7 2 core, 32kg and 512 kgb ram ?

  11. I'm looking for a laptop right now can people give me some suggestions? Maximum I'm spending is around £900-£1,000

  12. What about the cheaper macbook pro without touch bar??🤔🤔🤔

  13. Which XPS model did you notice latency issues with? The Lenovo Thinkpads are built like bricks and the Legions also seem pretty good to me. A lot of the laptops you recommend have poor CPU speed?

  14. What about an Asus rog Strix scar

  15. Hey id like to know which laptops of the lenovo series not to consider, as they have many laptops and for HDD you can always switch later on.

  16. What you guys think about Microsoft surface laptop 2 the top spec. Would that be good enough. I'm in between this or mac book and don't know what to choose.

  17. I would buy a msi ( 1.8 kg ) i7 8750h 8gb ram gtx1050 1tb 5400rpm.I ll buy another 8gb and a m2 express x4 500gb ( is this enough for begginer in fl studio ).In future i ll change the hdd with a 2tb ssd.

  18. So is a CPU much more important that GPU when it come to music production and creative ventures that aren't graphical?

  19. The first notebook has 6 instead of 4 cores

  20. Nice and promising video title but: what is the MacBook Pro in that mid range price category ?

  21. Hey, do you think the surface laptop 2 is a good option?

  22. Hey DJ Dexxter, I watched your Video on * How to make a Dj Demo mixtape – Live vs Software **… ****** Hi, I have been watching your channel for time now, yes, I am subscriber,
    I have a question about Presonus Studio One 4, I listen to you talk about the best software for remixing, I like what you talked about, when it came to Presonus Studio One, so I just purchase a copy, but what can’t figure out, it when you have two songs you want to remix, if they are not the same BPM’s, how do you bring the song (s) to the BPM’s you want to set you mix, I have one song that is 119, and the other song is 124, and I want to add more, but I can’t find the area ( properties location to change the BPM’s ) can you help me out, or create a Video, with a better walk through on how to remix songs, Love your work, but can you create a video on Presonus Studio One 4, and one on Logics, one video dedicated to each software application. Thanks.. for you help., and keep up the great work.*******

    You mention you would doing a ( DETAILED VIDEO ON STUDIO ONE ) .. I have been looking for that Video daily .. do you know when you will complete with that Video?

  23. No No No!! You cannot recommend a laptop with a i7-7500U for music production. I'm typing this on an Asus laptop powered by this chip right now and I can tell you it's a massive disappointment for audio. You've made the same mistake I did; you assumed that because it was an i7 it would be great. Wrong! This thing has just 2 cores!! I can't believe that Intel had the gall to bring out an i7 with less than 4 cores – the performance with either Sonar or Maschine is appalling. I fell for it and now so have you. Intel – shame on you!

  24. Recommend Dell G7 laptop? Specifications: intel core i9, 256gb ssd, 16 ram, win 10 pro

  25. Hi Dexxter, would you recommend the asus zenbook pro 15 ux580ge i7, 16gb ram or the dell XPS 15 i7, 16gb ram? I use a lot of vsts like serum, massive etc and my current i5 laptop is giving up on cpu power… 🙁

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