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Best of Chill RnB Mix | Trapsoul 2018

▸ Best of Chill RnB Mix | Trapsoul 2018
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00:00 – 02:22
Song: Caleb Cruise – Kylie (Prod. Phantum)

02:23 – 04:16
Song: Adrian Truth – Sway

04:17 – 07:29
Song: KT – In Love With The Night (Prod. Jay Floran x 22HNDRD)

07:30 – 10:42
Song: ØHENRY – One More Night

10:43 – 13:40
Song: Adrian Truth – Tease

13:41 – 16:46
Song: Days On 85 – Breaking Point

16:47 – 19:52
Song: NoJuice Q – Notifications (Prod. Apollo Glod)

19:53 – 35:45
Song: EVERYSECND – Boy Friend (EP)

35:46 – 38:17
Song: Always Never – Hopeless

38:18 – 41:22
Song: Trev Case – Thing For Me

Wallpaper by © Giada Mercuri


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Comments (25)

  1. Tracklist for all songs in the description.
    Leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this mix <3

  2. Im gonna play this in public so they would think i have good music taste lol

  3. Komunidad pang bara sa kasalukoyan ng mga mali na pananaw na maayos pa at aayosin ko pa ng maige ang buhay ko habang akoy humihinga at magmumula sa husto na magiging gusto ang pagibig na are at iyon sa pag ayon sa pagiging positibo sa negatibo mo na panama sa mga mali na ako ga nga laang ang hindi makakaayon ngunit kakayanin ko pa na mag pakatotoo sa kamalayan nyo na nabalot ng puot sa kulot kong buhok mo na ano are at iyon tugma sa hindi na mag papabasag sa kasalukoyan ng inyong pangmali sa panama na hindi parin tapos at hinding hindi matatapos ang kasaysayan na hindi na at walang mamatay sa pagiisip at pagdama na damdamin na pang tugma at pang pananaw sa kabahagian ng iyong akong pananaw na aayosin ko pa ang aking pagunawa at pagdama ng lahat baga sa naintindihan na kapasidad na lahat pala ay may limitasyon

  4. What’s the first track called ? Pretty dope sound tracks

  5. The "Notifications" joint tho

    Straight fire

  6. Rule no.1- don’t put ads in a music video

  7. shit this mix is insane

  8. Man I need to hear some young soul in here next time, insert:

  9. The 1st song came so hard

  10. Muito bom mesmo , parabéns hein já tem meu like

  11. Listening from West Africa🥨 gotta 🥰 Liberia 🇱🇷

  12. I don't always say no to dr. G but when I do I say no to the addies

  13. This is good, 00256 Kampala Stand up!

  14. Omg only 3rd song in and this is the absolute best thing (playlist) to happen to my life.

  15. Anybody from belize 😏💁🏼‍♀️?

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