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Billie Eilish – come out and play (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing come out and play (Audio). © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Comments (23)

  1. I had to watch this because I was terrified after watching “Bury a friend”😥

  2. Alguien más pensó que los copos de nieve sobresalen de la pantalla

  3. this is my friend Gabby singing. She's a big fan of your songs.

  4. Who's here after Bury A Friend and needs Comforting Billie?

  5. this song..had i heard it years ago, i would have burst out crying. i suffered from severe social anxiety. it was so bad that i could barely speak at all at school, and would cry when talking to my teachers. i almost became mute, because i could barely speak anywhere without having debilitatiing anxiety. its nowhere near that bad anymore, but i still have trouble properly navigating social situations without feeling fear in my stomach. i cant do assemblies without the loud noise making me cry, i hate crowds, and im super quiet and mumble when around people i dont know. i hate it. when im actually loud, im mean and people hate me. i wish i had a backbone that functioned properly around everyone.

    one step at a time

    at least nowadays i can actually somewhat speak to people i dont know

  6. Wow i came here from bury a friend i am shocked

  7. 힘들거나 지칠 때 이 노래 듣고 있어요 . 담담하면서 위로해주는 것 같아서 정말 좋아하는 노래예요. 이 노래 불러주셔서 너무 감사드려요♥️

  8. Meh, the offspring did it better

  9. I love this song! it makes me so calm

  10. Kind of reminds me of the song bet – mereba.. 🤔💕

  11. 너무 좋다̆̈ 힐링되는 느낌 ?

  12. my friend died in a motorcycle accident and I was afraid to read a text at the funeral, I got thanks to this song that helped me have the courage, thank you Billie

  13. I’m here after bury a friend, anybody else?

  14. omg i accidently up it on full volume and right after it said 'but i promise you its worth it'

  15. Who came here after seeing that commercial

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