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Billie Eilish – 'Xanny’/‘When The Party’s Over’ & ‘Wish You Were Gay' (MTV Push Live) | MTV Music

Billie Eilish performed ‘xanny’/‘when the party’s over’ and ‘wish you were gay’ live for MTV Push, a total delight!.

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Comments (34)

  1. Drugs are bad Mmmmkay.

  2. Shame about the lip syncing 😓

  3. The way she shakes her neck, omg😍❤️😭😭😭

  4. This is unbelievable, she’s one of the few artists that actually sounds exactly like the studio album live

  5. Bellyache 10/10 my fav Billie song

  6. só queria essa roupa 🙁

  7. 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  8. the woman down there always in open mouth watching Bille singing .

  9. You can just the emotion in her voice, it’s so beautiful

  10. James Charles clearly didn't write that last song.

  11. she is just perfect in every way

  12. Rock is coming again.

  13. Whatever 👀👀👀👀she’s seriously a legend in the making

  14. 1.2m subscribers
    The power of BILLIE EILISH is no joke

  15. billie and finneas deserve the world

  16. Ooomg😍😍i love Bille 😆😍❤👌 beautiful 😄

  17. I'm so happy😁I'm getting your merchandise today😁Love you so MUCH♥️💕❣️💓❣️♥️💞💝💗💗💝💖💟😁😍

  18. Canta come un adulta esperta..incredibile che una tennegers abbia questa maturità.. Una vera STAR

  19. if you didnt see her get up, and just listen to her she sounds like one of those crooner kinda singer

  20. Imagine not falling inlove with her..

  21. i used to not really fuck with billie eilish until i watched this…wow shes talented

  22. Bro I saw this on TV here's the story XD it was 5 almost 6 in the morning I thought HEY WAT IF I SEARCH BILLIE EILISH ON TV and it showed push showcase Billie eilish on channel 369 on MTV on Friday I fell off my couch falling on my arm and tried not to scream bc everyone was asleep u know I watched it XD lol recorded it it showed bad guy at the end and I saw it come on TV again and it played bored at the end so ima watch it everytime it comes up to see the ending song lol

  23. This girl is a phenomenon. Truly, she sings like she's lived a LIFE, but she just can't have. I'm sure she's seen plenty but no way should someone her age have the depths she has, it's like she's mentally in her 40's or 50's. Like she's carrying around a lifetime of baggage and heartache. Honestly i find it astonishing.

  24. that girl on 0:27 is me during billie eilish live performances like woah bitch yes i still have goosebumps everytime she performs !!!!!

  25. My chills have chills!!!!!!!💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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