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BLACK BEAR NEWS 12.25.18 Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up


Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast

Pride Of Lions Eats Group Of Poachers Alive In South African Game Reserve

Burning Fossil Fuels Almost Ended All Life on Earth

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  1. 51 deg C yesterday in my back yard in Melbourne Australia. Still very hot today.

  2. Other news: The eruptions at Krakatau volcano in Indonesia have continued and increased. The exclusion zone is now 5 km around the area. Also Mt Etna continues to erupt and had a 4.8 earthquake the other day.

  3. Australian heatwave is not unusual. Stop spreading bs. I've lived here for over 60 years in many different places. We always have heatwaves and droughts. If anything they are cycles. Many places in Australia including The Kimberelys have 47c as a normal temperature. It's normal even though we have broken records. It's not climate change.

  4. All the realms of the universe are attached – listen to Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave and Kindred.

  5. Thanks for the po box Kevin. The dog just walked me to the Post office and mailed you a letter. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment. Keep up the good work.

  6. FLASH! Japan to resume whaling except in Ant-Arctica. This means that I boycott Japan the rest of my life.

  7. Put some prawns (fixed it 4 ya:)) on the barby m8. Ah hell we are all out of prawn and we don't need a barby.

    Those poachers could have been shot first and then tossed to the lions.. i mean the maffia uses bear sized pigs to get rid of evidence. Maybe those park rangers where thinking…f that i'm not gonna explain my actions in front of a judge…where's those lions today?

    It's not karma! 🙂 It's just a nice coincidence. Funny when a budhist monk gets chewed up by a tiger no one calls KARMA and when lions eat poachers everyone goes KARMA! Oh's PROBABILITY! Just saying 😉

    Having said this i'm munching on veggie patches still so go ahead..use them all as lion puddu hehe. Maybe put it on youtube for entertainment. I mean Romans enjoyed it. Why not us?

    Killer Mazosaurs…hmm..those sound tasty. Err no wait…bad thoughts!

  8. the orcas in the pacific northwest are starving. the puget sound fish hatchery just accidentally killed 6.4 chinook smolts.vegan orcas

  9. Day after Xmas and im the 666th viewer on this video.

  10. Hi Kevin- Its nice to see you tired and all. A new year is coming and I hope we can do a show together for the ECH FB followers. Its time for a Kevin showing! I hope you had a great holiday. Your family looks so awesome and loving…its a beautiful thing Kev. So happy you are my friend!!! Peace. Sandy.

  11. Rhino horn is just tightly twisted hair. SE Asian men who think that because a rhino's horn looks like an erect penis it will make them more virile are just ecocidal idiots; and if found in possession, should receive very long jail sentences with daily psychological counselling. But don't worry about the White Rhino, the last male of the species died last year.

  12. Thank you Donald McCarthy. Your correction of my comment provided interesting information… a wonderfully practical solution to a heart wrenching and gruesome challenge.

  13. I suspect that we will see the weaponization of domestic animals, wild animals in the sea, as well as climate by bioengineering and geo-engineering.

  14. some christmas comedy – smoke a fatty and enjoy, or not…The Best of Pastor Jim Bakker

  15. Australian children are taking part in the Extinction Rebellion right now. You should follow the XR, they're about the only ones standing up for mass extinctions.

  16. Go, Lions!
    Thanks for the PO Box information. I'll be sending you a small gesture for work that deserves huge support.

  17. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family
    Let's enjoy this year not sure how many more we will get
    So remember how fortunate we are
    Only love remains xx

  18. Love you able to make a living off this but where is the evidence that mans causes warming,

  19. I had a good holiday but am now in post-holiday depression. Though I've become hardened through climate news, so it seems like nothing now. Holidays are gone? Wait until the food is gone. On a related note, I watched the 1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon, which I haven't seen since childhood. I laugh now, knowing what I know. Can you imagine if some grinch just took people's holiday gifts? You think most would hold hands and sing and forget about consumerism? What if he took our oil, cars, phones? Humanity coming together like the utopian Whoville, holding hands and singing in unison to take on climate change and do away with materialism. Ha, we wish.

  20. Kevin, you're perfectly camouflaged and overall disguised as a typical Finn/Norwegian with that shirt! Hehe! BTW; it was just in our morning news back here in Finland that Japan has announced it's going to lift their pre-existing ban on whale hunting (which previously excluded whaling for "scientific [yeah right!] purposes"), and to start commercial whale hunting again. Pheww …. Links to the source articles from just a few hours ago: – interestingly, Sea Shepherd claimed victory on the subject matter:

  21. While I worked, I worked every Christmas so that the Christians could have the time off. Only exceptions were when in transit between duty stations in 1978 in the US Navy and 1990 activated for Bushdaddy's war in the US Army Reserve.


    Biological Hazard in Brazil on December 22 2018 05:01 AM (UTC).

    Residents of a high-end neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro woke up to the unpleasant smell of 13 tons of rotting dead fish floating in the city's Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. Biologists believe that the extreme heat caused by El Nino killed the fish overnight and caused them to wash ashore Friday. The lagoon played host to several events during the 2016 Olympic games and is a tourist attraction. Rio's environment ministry released a statement saying that it has been on alert since Thursday morning when oxygen levels in the body of water began to fall sharply. Biologist and ecosystem specialist Mario Moscatelli says that he inspects the lagoon every year and is convinced that climate change is causing temperature increases.

  23. The other market for rhino horn is Yemen. Their daggers traditionally must be made with rhino horn. But yeah the Chinese and Vietnamese trade is the worst. That lion story was cool but they were probably lucky. 3 guys with just one rifle sounds like some poor locals trying to make a buck and they must have been stupid. Others would have gunned them down with the AK. I just watched an interesting documentary about the ivory poachers. One guy made a fake elephant tusk and installed a tracking device inside to see where it goes. Turns out the Lord's Revolutionary Army of Josef Kony is poaching in Garamba NP and the tusks were then taken to South Sudan where the military trades them on. What people do to animals makes me want to puke. All i can do is catch out the motherfuckers here and report them but nothing ever happens of course. And they are all fucking guilty from the bottom to the top. It got me really depressed last week so i had to take a break. Now we go back full swing again trying to protect our wildlife…wish me luck 🙂

  24. Forget the guard dogs and get more lions. Bigger bang for the buck.

  25. Best leave the human component of the cyborg lizard out of it, we would only fuck it up .
    Well that's Christmas done down here, temps this Year below last year it least in nelson area of south island New Zealand we have had cloudy rainy weather so humid and wet and overcast that berries, stone fruit, capsicums, tomato's, alot of stuff growing out side that is ripening is rotting. this tine last year we were dry and running out of water.

  26. Nice upgrade to your image 👏

  27. EF 10 mega storm storm's not unlike the great spot on Jupiter,look very closely at geologic evidence, Coral Castle FL is evidence of one of these events.

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