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Bobbi Kristina Sings Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”

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  1. She would have been awesome in grunge. That raspy voice is what's needed…I thought she sounded ok. Just needed to be more serious about it.

  2. Oh I miss her mom and her but she in a better place now and she a good singer and I really wish I was her but ok how to sing to but not as good as her. I just miss her 😥😭😘😢🤭🤧😿she was so 💪🏾 the best little 🙇🏽‍♀️ I heard of but xoxoxoxo love y’all fans

  3. Tht dope ! daughter like mother !

  4. She had natural talent. It was raspy from early drug use. RIP.


  6. She had her fathers voice lol RIP baby girl

  7. She did good. Acapella is not that easy.

  8. I believe Bobbi Kristina would made a difference if she was still here but to be honest she knew something .. that's why they had to get rid of her she was a just a debt that was owe in a gamble because Whitney left her the estate

  9. I hate that she passed away at such a young age. But only God knows! I pray that she rest in peace.

  10. God, it's not fair Whitney was like "KABOOM " kick ass! Bobbie didn't sound too bad!


  12. Sucks that she didn't even get a chance


  14. I'm so sorry about her demise but in all honesty bobby Christina could not sing.and even trying to sound like her mother wasn't happening bobby Christina had a heavy voice.why to heavy.

  15. To her defense..she would jad some very big shoes to fill. Its not easy when your mother is "THE VOICE"

  16. R.I.P Bobbi Kris, finally at peace with your beautiful mum

  17. No saco nada de su madre solo del lado de su padre😠

  18. Hi to myself Lakeisha Hooper soon to be Mosely looking good girl!!!

  19. Bless this child's soul and may she rest in peace. Honestly the baby couldn't sing and i think people should have been honest with her. 🙏

  20. My goodness! These negative comments are the devils work. Shocking😞😢
    RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown

  21. Bher and her mom are walking around praising god

  22. We missed Whitney so bad we wanted anything left of her. BK can't sing, I hate she passed away.

  23. She would've made a good Britney Spears.. thats all I see, sis.

  24. My favorite song too!

  25. To be fair to Krissy ; there are not many singers that could vocally match, or challenge Whitney Houston. Krissy actually sounded okay, but she needed vocal training, and to quit some things, that was no doubt already working against her vocally, like smoking. People don't realize how important breathing through a song, is to being able to sing. Let's also look at the stress she was under at this time. Her mother had just died, and she had just turned 19 yrs old, she had all these people pulling at her with selfish motives, and her world had been shattered into pieces. It would have been nice to see Krissy find her voice, not a pantomime of her parents, but letting the world see what was in her.

  26. 💁Now you have your mom an a audience full of Angels to sing too🎙🎶… No more tears or hurt nor judgement upon you, just the wind beneath your wings Bobbi.. Just you wings..❣🙏😢💕

  27. I love how she song this song 😍😍 she was so beautiful

  28. He looks like he was ready for her to stop like he was all yea yea okay thats enough

  29. Her singing was great I loved the rasp voice..may she RIP

  30. Rest easy babygirl 😞😞😞

  31. I like her voice better than Whitney's.

  32. People saying she can't sing. SMH She clearly has her dads style of singing and nothing is wrong with that

  33. Poor girl never stood a chance . She didn’t get her moms good looks or talent . She’s Bobby brown in a wig , she should have tried to get an education instead of trying to be famous

  34. No… sorry…. she did NOT inherit her mum's voice– rough life growing up in that family, though R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina Brown

  35. They should of told her the truth. She didn't have to be in entertainment just because her parents were..

  36. Her voice is pretty decent she just needed to clear it up

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