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BREAKING – Desire Luzinda quits Ugandan Music, now switching to God

“I’m now switching to God. I’m switching to gospel music. I’m proud of that. I’m Born-again and hope this last album touches someone out there. It is different from the music I have done in the past,” the mom of one noted while releasing her 17-track-album which is last batch of her secular music as she crosses into the gospel genre.
The album dubbed Transition was on Monday night released by Desire Luzinda as she announced that going forward, the Manyi Ga Mukyala singer will be doing gospel music.

Desire Luzinda got this calling after her birthday pics that were leaked by her then ex-Nigerian lover went viral in 2014.

“I drew closer to God, I felt like I was indebted to serving him for what he had done for me,” Desire said.
“My career skyrocketed in early 2015, I felt a new breath of my life, a new kind of favor and peace. I felt like I had been born-again in the industry. This did not change the fact that there was a lot of backlash and stigma in the industry. However, the love from many others grew stronger too,” Desire added.

Luzinda was clad in a one-shoulder long slit dress performing some of her old and new songs.

“Yes, yes I’d love to listen to your new album and I’m super excited for this transition into gospel music may the Lord continue to use you immensely for His great work The heavens are rejoicing,” One wrote.
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Comments (5)

  1. I have seen the power of salvation..she has spoken de truth…everyday 25yrs

  2. Desire warm welcome to the world of light #JESUS CHRIST,
    Truly we've got enough enjoyment in the world , it's our pleasure to see u surrounding yourself to your creator .You know God loves us so mch regardless of our sins,so it's time to love Him too…

  3. Gwe desire oli biki but I like your music

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