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Brian May & Roger Taylor BBC Breakfast 26 May 2011

Brian May and Roger Taylor dropped into the BBC Breakfast studios to talk with Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams about the new two-part Queen Documentary “Days Of Our Lives”, also how Queen got together.

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  1. 0:31 the Dolan twins could never

  2. They’re a old marriage. Love them, when I see them together I picture freddie sitting there making jokes, being sassy and calling everybody “darling”

  3. Its remarkable how beautiful Freddie is…his eyes speak volumes!!

  4. Brian-"I was never there"

  5. I feel like every member of Queen might have been the nicest guy in the world. I’ve never heard anything bad about any of them

  6. I really hate that Freddie could walk better in heels than I could… and that Brian looked better in Bunny Slippers.

  7. Delicate question heard john was ill ??? Any one know if right

  8. Hire him.. Simple TC needs to be the lead singer with Queen …. period.. got the moves, voice, talent and looks‼️

  9. Someone really really needs to show both of them maylor fanfiction just to see how they react

  10. Great documentary! Worst interview ever 🙂 Thank u good night.

  11. Freddie looked like the coolest of Satan's spawns back in the early 70s.

  12. I think they get Mad that its all about Freddie.

  13. Freddie was Queen. Anyone can play the instruments. Its the Singer who Matters.

  14. what gentleman they both are. I met brian may 3 times at dominion theater for we will Rock you. and these are 2 rock gods. long may they reign.

  15. I like Adam, BUT he doesnt oooze the sex appeal of FREDDIE

  16. made in heaven sometimes makes me cry,as it was Freddie's last album.

  17. Brian May and Roger Taylor seem to be very nostalgic. They both seem to be still clinging on to their Queen days. They both need to accept that Freddie's DEAD and Queen is finished.

  18. At 0:31 it looks like there's no place they'd rather be…

  19. Still amazed at how patient they were, even though I believe it's been questioned repeatedly before. Genuinely awesome!

  20. YEs he did. He left after the tribute concert and since then has played ONE Song with Queen, and that was over 18 years ago

  21. Actually, after Freddie died, John only participated in the Tribute Concert in '92, the posthumous Made in Heaven album from '92-'95, and returned for a one-off concert with Elton John and the recording of the "No-One But You" single in 1997, before retiring. He never "toured" with Queen post-Freddie's death.

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