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[Brick-Force] The Global Phenomenon Music Extended

Hello, This is Kagome0615 the sister of Kagome0625 and I recently came back from Hawaii to visit my brother for a while and decided to make some video for a while. However my brother is currently busy and couldn’t make more video so I decided to help out his other video.

As I checked on his brand new thread which is mainly focuses on what video he uploads or any news, I found this picture of what my brother posted and I feel like I should ask him what’s about. He told me that it’s mainly about another Music Extended video which he was almost done with but he said he didn’t have Adobe After Effect so I decided to get this over with.

I will be also making and share my own gameplay footage and my own Weapon Showcase for a while now. Since you have seen my montage for Snake (rare), I will be focusing on one of the unused rares like the Leopard R20. The Leopard R20 however is currently on-going.

Regardless of the location of how far is from Europe is, we still understand about our ping issues and no it is not our network connection or delayed or lack of internet access speed. In this location where my brother lives: It’s REALLY far from Europe. But of course I now live in Hawaii and work there but I haven’t gotten ready to join in the military which is the bad news for my family name. But everything will be alright.

So yes about this video, we’ve heard a lot about it and I presume that none of the others can’t find the source of this music used in one of the Infenrum Game’s uploads (which in mean time, the Infernum Game was taken over by gamigo AG instead). So we decided to make a another Music Extended video which is THIS.

Link to the original “The Global Phenomenon” video by Infernum Productions:

Link to the picture created by The SitciXD:

We will see you guys in the game and in the forum. Although I won’t last forever to create more videos for the community and for you guys. I am now just finished college and stuff and now ready to join the military: just for my parents.

I will rely on my brother, Kagome0625 to continue on making more videos.

Thank You guys, I really appreciated for all of your likes most of your appreciations.


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  1. still no comments?
    so sad that brick force got shut down man.. fav game for years

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