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[BTS NEWS] BTS Are Selected As A Nominee In 2 Categories For The People’s Choice Awards 2018

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BTS X The People’s Choice Awards 2018 [VOTING UPDATE]

Don’t forget to vote for BTS for The Group of 2018 at the People’s Choice Awards by using these hashtags ⬇️ –
#TheGroup #BTS⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠#PCAs



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Comments (33)

  1. BTS is actually up for 4 People's Choice Awards. Group of 2018, Song of 2018, Music Video of 2018, and Social Celebrity of 2018.

  2. the catagories are the group of 2018, the song of 2018, the music video of 2018 and the social celebrity of 2018…revised!!!

  3. BTS are selected as a nominee in 4 categories for the people's chice award 2018…..revised!!!

  4. BTS is nominated in 4 categories

  5. Yes! I'll vote, go army💜 and bts I am "proud" of you boys ,see you will keep winning and become lengends.💜😘😍

  6. Is there a link to where we can vote or is it only throught twitter?

  7. Eventhough they are not nominated for the music video, we can nominate Idol video by strolling down at the end of the nominations and enter BTS Idol. Their video broke the record so it should have been nominated. Fighting!!

  8. sigh
    ARMYs want awards or being nominated about music, songs or albums. We don't need these…we want BTS to be acknowledged by their songs that tells us to love ourselves or anything that isn't about sex or drugs.

  9. ARMY's while voting don't forget to add BTS IDOL in MV of 2018 they're not nominated but we can add our own nominees, i think the MV deserves it's place after being the most viewed MV 24H, it's worth the try 🙂

  10. ~~~^^~~~♥♥♥…👍👍👍

  11. Army let's start voting for bts❤❤❤

  12. Voting started on the 5th and ends on the 14th! Go vote ARMY!!

  13. This is all wonderful y'all but what's more important is remaining high on the charts right?! Please continue to stream from paid platforms and make the Nicki version priority because that's the one radio stations received from Bighit. So while y'all here stream both versions. US charts are tough but it Can be done! Thanks

  14. I want vote to them.. But how??

  15. Panic! And Bangtan are my fave and I'm divided by both of them on the Group of 2018 award! I wish both of them the best!

  16. We all know we won. Hands down we won. Doesn’t mean we won’t actually end up winning. But we will do amazing

  17. Here we go again, ARMYs 💜

  18. Why do they always put BTS into the same damn categories that have nothing to do with music

  19. Tbh, I'm quiet tired of BTS being acknowledged for their excellence in social media platform. Can people really appreciate their music and their quality as musicians/performers, instead of the social media things??

  20. Damn… You mean I have to choose between BTS and P!ATD ?????

  21. Wow💜😄Everyday I have a reason to be proud of BTS x Army 🎉

  22. Congrats for the nomination ma bois👏👏👏

  23. its early to celebrate but can't hold it:)))
    army fighting:)))

  24. November 11 my birthays November 9 what i want is BTS TO WINNNNNNNNNN

  25. Don't forget that they can be added to other categories!! You just have to scroll to the bottom and type in their name!!!

  26. BTS always win 😗😗😗

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