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BTS Steals the Show With ‘Idol’ at the Melon Music Awards 2018 | Billboard News

During this year’s Melon Music Awards, held on Saturday (Dec. 1), Korean septet BTS leaned into the traditional elements of their hit single “Idol” for an ultimate fusion of modernity and classical Korean performances.

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Comments (26)

  1. I cried.. this is the most meaningful art I've ever seen.. im so proud of my hyungs. 💖💖

  2. We stan hardworking biatches!

  3. BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  4. This is the best perfomance, thank you billboard💜

  5. y'all this was posted on my birthday

  6. I will watch this on new years eve

  7. Now, give them a stage like this for the BBMAs & AMAs.

  8. When I saw this performance I was quaking and I still am lmao

  9. Now the West is talking about BTS’ performances not in the west This is a new level

  10. Guau tmb billboard hablan de los melon music awards ….q bueno!!! BTS los mejores eso les quiere demostrar q no es como otras personas dicen BTS es solo querido fuera de corea PUES NO!!! ellos son muy amados en su pais natal…son los reyes ok??

  11. Remember the JB fever fever
    :'3 now it's Bangtan fever

  12. BTS LEGENDARY performance 🌟⭐⚡☄🔝🔥😍😚😙💞💗💝💖💚❣💟💛💜💕

  13. What can I say, BTS is giving their best for each awards they're in…

  14. Yeah the performance was so good I was jungshook and still love and watching again after this video and going to show it to my dad because he is an army too

    BTS KINGS 👑👑👑

  16. Our boyz really are a KOREAN GROUP they didn't waste thier cultural merit award…… not only showed korean style of entertainment bu also thier culture

  17. I love bts! im so proud of mah boys!

  18. so much for "bts is two westernised"

  19. Just watching them is an experience already. I'm not Korean, but I'm hella proud of what they're doing!

  20. The last thing I have to say is I love You BTS and You can take all over the world 💜

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