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Buzz Cut Haircut Transformation | 2018 Men's Easy Hairstyle Trend

Buzz Cut Haircut Transformation – From mid length hair to a buzz cut all over.


► This haircut is a buzz cut, number 5 on top with a 1 fade on back & sides. It is such an easy hairstyle if you can pull it off, as means no styling in the morning!


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WHERE WE WERE: Jake’s Barbershop (in Hornchurch, Essex)

FILMED & EDITED BY: Liam Jennings

BARBER: Jake Lansley – Owner of Jake’s Barbershop

MUSIC: “Soul Hip Hop” appearing on “E=MC Cullah” by Cullah
Available at:
Under license (CC BY SA 4.0)

Comments (29)

  1. well it definitely grew back by now

  2. The awkward moment when the before is better than the after

  3. That's a buzz cut fade?

  4. Went from model to crackhead

  5. I want that cut so badly. But there ain’t no hairdresser that would do that around

  6. I have to say it again. This guy is so handsome he’s my idol kind of!

  7. My hair line are receding,if i get this haircut the hairline is receding

  8. More masculine and bold look than previous one.

  9. Is that 9mm clipper guard?

  10. What size number is on the top?

  11. I dont like a fade when its a buzz cut

  12. Was it a 3 all around when they first started the cut?

  13. He went from a badass to a gay bitch

  14. This was literally me yesterday, I’m used to having some long ass hair waxed back and yesterday I got a 3 on top and skin fade 😂 I look like a different person fr, idk if it was a mistake or not

  15. Went from 8 to 6 this hairstyle is retarded

  16. this is a job for a barber not a hairdresser but the guy in the vid had some great scissor work

  17. Thank god that shit before is gone

  18. This is a very skilful haircut. which leaves the hair bristling nicely, and standing to attention. !

  19. I think the buzz cut would suit him better if he was more muscular. He looks pretty thin, but it is his choice so i respect it.

  20. Do you know if the model has kept his hair buzzed?!

  21. He looks like Sid from Toy Story.

  22. I think it s actually best to just fucking cut it all rather than halfway through, leaving some hair on top longer.

  23. Went from Snapchat f boys to slim Jesus.

  24. Wished my hair looked like his before, and he just buzz cut that shit….damn man

  25. did he have a side part at first? answer pls

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