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Can Selena Gomez remember her own lyrics?

Grimmy gets Selena Gomez to take the ‘Remember Your Old Lyrics’ test. Can she remember her 2015 hit with Zedd or her Barney the Dinosaur duet?

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  1. Omg yes I was waiting for them to do one from her Barney days and I was so upset they didn't play one for Demi

  2. I watched the Barney with my sister and I watched that one

  3. I just feel like pulling her cheeks😍😍


  5. I miss the Time when Selena and demi were bf 🤧

  6. She’s not better than Billie Eilish

  7. She’s nothing to Billie eilish.

  8. oh my lanta is also from fuller house

  9. Nooooo, why are they making everyone in Hollywood blonde. She's such a pretty brunette 😪

  10. how many of you googled barney the dinosaur guy right after watching this?

  11. Love selena. Pretty, great talent, great girl!!

  12. Selena forgeting about lyrics of à song she sang on Her tour a year and half ago
    Also selena remember about the lyrics of a small song she sang on barney in 2001
    That's why i love this girl 😂

  13. really white??effect by hairr?? creepy

  14. The fact she remembered barney 🤣🤣

  15. 4:05 sooooo cute 💟💟💟

  16. she always lip syncs at her conceerrts

  17. Why Selena have big cheeks on this video? Whatever she is, she looks beautiful …💓

  18. shes looking like a snaack my gawd

  19. I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old

  20. She didn’t omgggg i thought she would do it

  21. Camilla , Selena and demi look like triplets

  22. Too bad Demi is being a bitch now and unfollowed her on everything.

  23. 2:43 I can imagine her as Alex saying that lol

  24. How to become Likes:
    Say who is better Selina comment Ariana like 80%
    Ariana Need to do this! 50%
    Say how to become Likes 90%
    Im done lmao

  25. When she talks she looks ugly af

  26. you can hear clearly that this guy is smoking lol (when he's laughing)

  27. im still in love with selena gomez

  28. am I the only one staring at that mole?

  29. DIFFERENT BArNEYS?? you just ruined a shit ton of kids hearts

  30. Barney looks scary AF now…


  32. What’s wrong with her mouth?
    Like her teeth and lips.

  33. Ariana Grande needs to do this too

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