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Rip my grandpa frank
And all natives
In the war of 1812
And the british who assisted us.
Canada propaganda




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  1. Is the tape on your glasses like Nelly's band-aid?

  2. Is this Canadian Rap?

  3. Watch out Eminem. My guy SCORPINOX OFFICIAL taking the spot.

  4. Alright, so I don't want to take away everything from this, the mood the intro provided set it up to be really interesting. The problem was, you rarely were on beat in it, your rap was choppy and it made it so difficult to actually get into the songs. It sounds more like spoken word that you tried to force onto the beat. Your timing seems to be off in it, no disrespect. It sounds like it has potential, but the way it is now made it too difficult to like. I'm sorry. Maybe get a new beat or change up your flow to match the song better? Also, your voice like with that "Saving lives, I think not", it would sound better if it started off quieter and built in volume with each time you said it. it sounds weird where it is, as well as, in my opinion, it's timing. The beat could cut off before you said that last part too, it would sound better and maybe pack more of a punch which seems to be the intention of the last part. Sorry, I just want to help you make a better song.

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