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Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

What causes climate change (also known as global warming)? And what are the effects of climate change? Learn the human impact and consequences of climate change for the environment, and our lives.
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Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  2. I want global warming ! It is -20 C in Toronto on March 7 !

  3. This video is pure propaganda

  4. thank you for the homework help!

  5. 100% of the temperature "readings" that are in the "Climate change" charts are from models that are parameterized around an assumption of a 3x multiplier of CO2 concentration to temperature change. There's one major, glaring issue with this. Clouds. When temperature rises, water vaporizes. Those vapors climb up to the top of the troposphere and cool down due to the rapidly dissipating atmospheric pressure and condense into clouds. 40-60% of the radiation that they block is reflected back into space, providing a damping effect on the temperature. the ACTUAL amplifier of CO2 concentration to temperature increase, therefore, is 0.5x. 2019's global temperature is EXACTLY the same as it was in 1978 when they started measuring the temperature the most accurate way that we have devised thus far, via Satellite. prior to 1978, there were FAR warmer periods, and many other colder periods. 36 of the 37 models produced by the "scientists" use the parameterized inputs with the assumptions that were disproved by recent measurements taken by weather balloons in 2018. Arctic Sea Ice is increasing in thickness, but reducing in area. Antarctic sea ice is increasing in thickness AND area. the total net change in ice volume is 80 million tons/year increase. it has been steadily rising since 1931, where it was at a far lower volume than it is right now. The other hypothesis of the "pause" in "Global Warming" (hence the name change that same year) is that the ocean was "consuming the heat". that was also disproven when they sent sensors from buoys into the depths. there was observed a linear decrease in temperature relative to depth, as it was with the weather balloons' measurements when they hypothesized that there were "hot-spots" in the upper atmosphere, which were also disproven. The Earth's Atmosphere is a self-balancing system and bucks the universal truth of increased entropy because of the SUN injecting 15,000X the necessary energy to maintain a constant system.

  6. Did anyone else notice the water vapor graphic shows two oxygen one hydrogen?

  7. Oh it’s Trumps fault he’s the cause of global warming, two years is all it took ,

  8. these are not arguments for they are just time stamps for me later

  9. Shane Dawson fans are shook

  10. BuT the PeoPle oN FoX NeWS toLD Me thAt climate chANGe izz not rEAl

  11. Please join the Extinction Rebellion if you plan on staying alive more than 10 years and/or having children.

  12. You know what …. I don’t not care …. I will be dead well before any major catastrophe occurs

  13. Wars ,diseases ,famine and other natural disasters had limit human populations in the past. We have for the most part taken care the first 3 so natural disasters ie climate change is what’s left to limit the growth of human population and save Mother Earth.

  14. You are not addressing the real issue…..there is too many people on the earth. Unless we stop population growth ,all we are doing is kicking the can down the road. We must limit the earths population. Then the earth will heal itself with time as it has always done.

  15. Global warming effects will be beneficial to the biosphere

  16. Thank you for this video because I can't understand what is cause and effect of global warming

  17. just wipe out half the population and all will be fine

  18. SO does the massive movement in the magnetic North Pole have nothing to do with the change in weather patterns??

  19. I believe no matter what now or the people hundreds of years from now even after are going to cause the end. I believe there’s no fixing at the end of the day. I believe everything is planned for a reason.

  20. Hey u! I need help pleaseeeee! 👏👏👋👋👆👆

    Is global warming the same as climate change? Please help.. im still new to this

  21. If Shiveluch volcano erupts to 9 km or now in the winter, the eruption will bring about more climate change than your wimpy Carbon dioxide correlation. That is regional climate change.

  22. If global warming is a real thing how do you explain that people all over the world in places likely to be covered by water are able to get financing for real estate. The people pushing this narrative have a lot to gain by way of carbon taxes. The rest of the people pushing the narrative actually believe what they are saying just like people from over 4000 religions on this planet would bet their life that their religion is the one true religion. Just saying

  23. "Authoritative assessments that global warming is "unequivocal" and directly linked to human activity; that it constitutes the "widest-ranging market failure ever seen"; and that it represents the "defining human development challenge of the 21st century" – have seized the attention of governments and peoples alike." ~ Considerations of the Baha'i International Community

  24. The oceans cover 3/4s of the earth and they average 10,000' deep. A little up welling and everything is back to normal.

  25. Is there a possible way by any chance, to release carbon dioxide trapped by the atmosphere?

  26. But why are the homeless still freezing? -._^.

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