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Clarinet and Jazz Clarinet: 1 Hour of Best Clarinet Jazz & Clarinet Music

Clarinet & jazz clarinet – ‘Feels So Good’: full album . One hour of best clarinet jazz and clarinet music.

Featured in this video are:

Track 1: One step at a time (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Jolly great time (starts at 3:40)
Track 3: Summer delights (starts at 7:20)
Track 4: Sweet Alabama (starts at 12:08)
Track 5: The wild wild west (starts at 15:22)
Track 6: A dog’s life (starts at 17:11)
Track 7: All of me (starts at 22:01)
Track 8: Only you (starts at 24:41)
Track 9: Joy of spring (starts at 27:50)
Track 10: Feels so good (starts at 30:41)
Track 11: Walking hand in hand (starts at 41:20)
Track 12: Under the tranquil moon (starts at 46:58)
Track 13: My Valentine (starts at 53:40)

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Comments (26)

  1. for some reason this makes me think of Boris from Batim.
    he does play a clarinet tho as shown in the posters

  2. This is great if only I was this good at the clarinet but I will keep trying

  3. I like this jazz because I'm a clarinet player! 🙂

  4. Ms. Heckford commented that her band teacher said the clarinet is not a jazz instrument. WHAT?!
    How does a band teacher make a comment like that? Ms. Heckford has clearly stumbled into the wrong class. This comment is such a stretch that surely the teacher is instructing in, I dunno, elastic bands?
    Every musical instrument is a jazz instrument if one can and does play jazz on it.
    Is this band teacher, by chance, a Presbyterian or maybe a Baptist? Those people can be prickly about things like this.

  5. yes clarinet is a very good instrument

  6. im gonna play the clarinet for band & strings. its my last year of elemantary school and im gonna try new things!

  7. Where are my squidwards out there?

    Warning: I found this comment on a different video. If you originally posted this on a different video and want mine deleted, I will gladly delete this comment ⚠️

  8. I started on clarinet, moved to saxophone. Now that I am older want to go back playing a clarinet.

  9. I play some since junior high school.

  10. sounds like something you hear in a cafe while typing

  11. This is very inspiring music as I plan on writing a paper to my band directors on clarinets in jazz and how they've shaped jazz history and such. They don't let clarinets in because according to them there's "no clarinet jazz music out there". It's gonna feel good to prove them wrong :'). Beautiful music, happy to be a clarinet player 🙂

  12. I love this stuff!!! You can do things around the house, have a conversation with someone or just sit around and dream…

  13. Such a beautiful sounding instrument.

  14. Nice Im trying to learn the clarinet its been a struggle but can see the potential thanks

  15. Very well played, enjoyable and inspiring for both young and more mature players.

  16. Hello …is there any sheet Music for your Music or for Music like this? clarinet player …. THANKS :

  17. Great great music! I love the structures and different moods of each song.

  18. if squidward heard this……

  19. and my band teacher says clarinet isn't a jazz instrument e.e

  20. it's a good clarinet jazz
    i like this jazz✋😃 👍

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