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Colonel Mhlongo – Machangani

Colonel Mhlongo performing Machangani. Colonel Mhlongo has a way of dancing,this kind of dance is mostly found in Mozambique (Africa). This recording was captured live during the Munghana Lonene fm Xitsonga Music Awards in 2013-XMA11 (By Bharule Communications, which Colonel finally won the Most Popular song of the year category(Voted by the public) with the very song he is performing.The same night he also won Best Xitsonga Disco category (Judged by the panel). In this song Colonel talks about the Shangaan/Vatsonga nation being the trend setters to many things we know in South Africa and Mozambique.

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  1. am very proud of our music. i love the colonel

  2. i have been missing home today and this just bring me closer

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