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Colour In Storytelling | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography

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0:00-3:10 Aphex Twin – Avril 14th
3:15-8:49 Childish Gambino – Flight of The Navigator
8:50-14:12 Daft Punk – Veridis Quo
14:13-15:45 Kanye West – Only One
15:48-16:24 Joji Miller – Medicine

Comments (33)

  1. You Brits spell things wrong

  2. You lost me at Necrophilia Bro.

  3. you are better than some teachers in film school!

  4. Very well made. Very informative and saturated. Thank you.

  5. from which movie is the scene with the eye in 5:38 ?

  6. How can one manage colouring in editing or in camera settings?

  7. Were's the movie list?

  8. Original Footage
    > flying man

  9. warning: this video contains imagery not suitable for epileptic people.
    procedes to blast me with hypnotic color.

  10. Told a group of friends I didn't like Marvel movies partly because of their boring colour usage. They mocked me for finding colour important when it comes to movies…

  11. 4 years after, I still remember this video. I love this so much.

  12. I absolutely love this video and all that you do! My only wish would be that each scene have the title of the movie it is referencing included. Many of the films I recognize, but others I would like to know more about. I hope you don't take this negatively! Thank you again for creating fantastic content!!

  13. a great colour analysis

  14. Great video and i’m glad you added Tokyo Drifter in it. It’s transitional and associative with color

  15. the very best content in youtube. I've seen hole workshops based in your videos

  16. You used amazing scenes for this video dude. I hope you’re still doing this in your free time at least man don’t stop with this knowledge! I wish I could micro dose the world with some meth to concentrate and watch ya videos and hopefully learn something.

  17. Awesome dude, really interesting and helpful


  19. Colours can be associated and resemble/relate to a variety of words that express opposing opinions & feelings. To breakdown the concept of colour and produce factual body of evidence is difficult next to impossible. We can’t categories a colour to resemble a feeling. The colour blue pairs with confidence which is contradictory to blue representing depression also. Red is well used to express the feeling of love but also anger, which are more the less opposite emotions. There is no backed up evidence to explain logically colour. Everything comes down to personal life experiences and opinions.

  20. Chopper had awesome colore gave the movie a very scary edge

  21. Can anyone think of a color that means to redeem?

  22. Does anyone know what's the title of the movie at 1:25

  23. I'm speechless, thank you for creating such video

  24. Very well written, great insights, had a lot to take, absorb and make notes. This video was a labour of love and in the true spirit of sharing. Thank you

  25. what is the film at 4:32??? when he's talking about red need to know for my thesis thanks

  26. can someone tell me the name of the film at 0:23? I've been meaning to watch it for like 10 years but whenever I remember that I've been meaning to watch it, I put it off and then forget what it's called haha.

  27. i wish i knew enough of something to speak about it so beautifully like this

  28. I see The Holy Mountain. I give like. Good movie.

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