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Composing music in Germany – about to fulfill my dreams

I present a little of what my music will be. I am working very hard here in Germany to fulfill my dreams. One is already a reality, the legendary band Scorpions invited me to participate with them of their great show at the here stadium in Germany on 27/7 I am very happy for all this I am living. There is permission to dream.

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  1. Damien listen to me. You are not a Rock God, but a Guitar God which makes you both! You're skills are not natural. You must have been sprinkled with space dust at birth to do what you do. Please do a Tool or Alice in Chains cover bro!!!
    🤘😎🤘 :From your fans in Montana!!!

  2. omg 🤐🤐😮😮😲😲😯😯

  3. grande eres damian , suerte en lo concerniente a la viola

  4. stop ruin uself by being fat….go hiit run..its just 5-10 min per day..dont need to be super sport for that 🙂 try to be vegan and you will be skinny and healty and never going things like beer or drugs 🙂 super talented people are allways fail before this type of things..fat, drugs, drunk, bad health
    wish you best!

  5. Wow! Your old vids are amazing, it is great to see you getting the recognition you deserve. This is awesome

  6. Wow awesome! Love your work and best of luck!

  7. tremendo tus covers hermano … solo te deseo el mejor de los exitos por ese esfuerzo enorme de seguir creciendo como guitarrista!!

  8. Buena suerte….🤘🤘🤘

  9. Nice to have you here in Germany bro😋👌

  10. Que inspiración Damián, de sueños a realidades :)!

  11. Hola Damian, Me alegra mucho que estés cumpliendo tus sueños. Sos ejemplo a seguir. Te mando un abrazo gigante.


  13. omg you playing "still loving you" on stage? holy!!!

  14. No se porque pero siempre cuando te escucho tocar me entra mucha nostalgia :'D

  15. Never stop doing that, keep walking as far as you can,you are an incredible!

  16. You are a talent unto yourself. Come to the states and find a promoter here for crying out loud. We have Steve Vai here, Joe Satriani, etc. You are at least on that level and have your own style and genius and with that said, it should be very easy for you to find a good profitable career here. BTW, you have a hint of yngwie malmsteen in there. Love listening to your interpretations. Bravo!

  17. Vayas dónde vayas….La vas a Romper genio…!!!!

  18. Grande Damián! Sigue así genio 👏👏👏

  19. you are the long lost relative of yngwei malmsteen from the future

  20. Fuck yeah dude. This guy is a beast he deserves recognition


  22. That is great to hear! Congratulations on your accomplishments and to many more dreams and goals that you will surely reach in your life time. You are very talented and coming from someone who has been playing guitar for 15 years, I can tell that you've practiced and honed your skills! Cheers m/

  23. Has hecho mejor en ir a Alemania q ha España…
    Firmado : un español.

  24. Damian you are sounding better than ever! And what an awesome band be working with as well! That type of music is right up your alley! Congratulations on all of your dreams beginning to come true

  25. Very happy to see you following your dreams,you'll make it-hell you're already making it!

  26. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊😊😊😮😮😮😮😮

  27. Welcome back you've been missed!

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