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Cornelius Cardew – Revolution is the Main Trend in the World Today

The studio version (someone has uploaded a performance of the piece) of Cornelius Cardew’s masterpiece in decent quality, taken from ‘Four Principles On Ireland and Other Pieces’, 1974. This is without a doubt my favourite piece Cardew ever composed, so it is shocking to me that it was not already on YouTube. It somehow is simultaneously stirring, forceful, inspiring all the while feeling spontaneous and playful – almost cheeky. I especially like how, on the album, the main refrain of this work is used briefly in the track ‘Bethanien’, anticipating the album’s finale. If you enjoy this I would highly recommend listening to the entirety of the album (other great tracks, aside from the aforementioned Bethanien, are The Croppy Boy, Sailing the Sea Depends on the Helmsman and Red Flag Prelude, the latter of which is especially emotional). If you are interested in Cardew you can read the book he published ‘Stockhausen Serves Imperialism’, which is a kind of manifesto denouncing experimental music, here:

I unfortunately had no role in the production of this work, nor do I own any of it – I am simply posting it because I have become a huge fan of Cardew and would like others to find his music. This, to me, is one of the best examples of his music!

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