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Country Music Star John Rich Remembers Touching Birthday Exchange With Bush 41

On “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, country music star John Rich shared a story about a memorable exchange he had with George H.W. Bush.


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  1. 'Merica…Gotta Love Everything About My 'Merica…EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Mueller cages Putin's golden shower boy.

  3. Bad manners wear in a hat indoors. Also it's an ugly bonnet

  4. Love John Rich. Beautiful Patriot!! We need more people like him. Come on Celebrities STAND UP FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!! God Bless…

  5. I thought he was killed in a helicopter accident???

  6. I'll buy John just to support it!

  7. Enough with all these goddamned tributes to the Demon King! Fuck you Fox, we've had it!

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