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Movies, music videos and songs for everyone and every occasion – all at a very low price ! Entertainment — part of the CUBE7 is created for everyone who is looking for a good amusement, but not willing to spend a lot of money doing so. Like everywhere else on CUBE7, if your CUBE7 Friends buy, loan or download something, you automatically earn money. This concept continues with your friend’s friends on CUBE7, up to six generations. On Facebook alone, every user on average has 200 friends. If you could transfer 50 friends on CUBE7, and these friends do the same with another 50 friends, who in turn have another 50 friends who have their own 50 friends, this would include only 4 generations. If you do the math, this would be result in 6.25 million people! Now imagine that each one of these people makes a transaction, which generates 1-cent income for you. With this calculation, you would have earned 62.500 Euro!!! You earned this money by simply allowing people to do what they already do anyway for little money: purchasing entertainment on the growing Internet market. This type of income is a dream for many. Why not make your dream come true? Become a BONOFA-Partner today! Simply register and start benefiting.

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