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Daniel Glen Timms "Convoluted Days" bird poops on Jim Acosta in animated music video, Fake News

New music video animation about fake news and current events. The music starts at 0:45 . DGT directed, animated and created much of the artwork for this music video. This song is from his latest album “Graystone Temple.” He made this music video for less than $200!


Convoluted Days.
Uh oh.
I think we lost our way.
Oh oh oh.
What’s a man to say?
Hey, hey, hey, these Convoluted Days.

So many crazy things are just about to make me lose my mind.
Lying lawyers talking and our leaders leading from behind.
Rotten politicians taking all the money they can find, Oh No.

Distracted by new devices tracking everywhere we roam.
Masterpieces listened on tiny, little telephones.
Cold screen communication, isolated in our homes. Oh No.

Ken and Barbie on the news, giving me the nightly blues.
Only on the left or right. everything is black or white.
Leaves me crying in the rain, while the world goes insane, Oh No!

written by: Daniel Glen Timms
© 2017 All Rights reserved.
Blue Earth Records
NewTune Publishing Co.

Daniel Glen Timms – lead vocal, backing vocals, electric guitars, lap steel guitar, bass guitar, piano, B3 organ

Tommy Harden – drums

Some of the artwork is licensed from © Shutterstock, Pond5 and IStock Photo.

Comments (2)

  1. Catchy tune and funny! Especially when Acosta gets crapped on his head. Can't stand that weasel.

  2. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of the corruption. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 and 1900. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900's. Whips and Leaders front run our republic.

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