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Dashcam – Feb. 16 2016 Record Setting Snowfall in Ottawa, Canada (with music)

According to local news, Feb. 16, 2016 entered into the City of Ottawa records books with a record snowfall of over 50 cm, surpassing the previous 1947 record by a hefty 10 cm. It also rivals other historical records recorded before using the standardized airport location as reference.

What better way to enjoy such weather that to test my old dashcam (let alone my car and snow tires). Turns out most of the videotaping ended up being bumper to bumper traffic.

The video nonetheless serves as an entertaining video testimonial of that special day in Ottawa’s weather history.

Soundtrack is “The Visitors” by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: – courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library

Videotaped and produced by VinnyBarbarini for the MobileGlances” channel.

Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) – Feb. 16, 2016

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  1. u should have pit manover the cop and taken off

  2. Dude , clear your roof off

  3. I remember that day and it caused a two day in a row snow day

  4. Well, you brave people up there in Canada will be among the very first to get a bite of the incoming mini ice age, and lets hope it is only a little ice age, because if it would be worse, you may get a mile high wall of ice on top of you. Let your government keep on paying tribute to global warming fearmongering just to get more taxes out of peoples pockets with the carbon trade hoax. Temperatures are falling everywhere in the globe slowly but steadily, so if date is right, expect to freeze about 2030 to 2040 give or take 5. Some experts say that by 2020 you will definitely notice ´´global warming“ cold to instal. Eyes open. Be safe everyone.

  5. Kinda neat to see something from home on youtube. Interesting to recognize places. Driving downtown in the snow and then navigating the Pretoria Bridge in the snow Yikes! Thanks for posting!

  6. I would never go out in those conditions I would stay home until the streets got plowed

  7. Lol nice video.

    A couple tips: if you are at low speed there is no danger in disabling traction control if you are seeing an obstacle coming up ahead. This will allow wheelspin that is necessary to use the full grip of snow tires. You don't want to be crazy, but a decent amount of wheelspin will help.

    Also, RainX!! Just buying the washer fluid is a good start!

  8. That was the day I visit Ottawa, wasn't the best time. Even had to shovel snow for bus just to get the bus going, then shifting passenger to the back of the bus for more weight. Should have left Ottawa at 4PM but wasn't able to since I was too far from it due to the stuck bus so I delay that to 10PM.

  9. great video I was working in that fun fun

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