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David Bowie – Heroes

Live in Berlin, 2002.

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  1. A true gentleman how he treated his fans with the upmost respect and never forgotten where he came from . Loved the story he told about when he use to visit and stay at his mother's where he was brought up as a kid . As famous as he was. He still call the older people he knew Mr or Mrs Thompson e.c.t and showed his respect to the elderly. Davie you were the HERO R.I.P

  2. dire qu'il n'est plus la !!!! 🙁

  3. This goes out to all the loners, wildflowers and misfits.❤

  4. A deceptively simple song elevated to a sonic masterpiece.

  5. Think you may have missed the point. Everyone or anyone can be high as a kite without anything less than the harmony the we all feel from this song, even with Tea, and more so with the bag! Even tea drinkers can be heroes..Just for one grey!

  6. mi piace da matti, sembra qui e sempre più vivo…..

  7. …it makes my skin get creep….

  8. Wonderfulll….yes we can be heroes…just for one day…

  9. RIP in paradise David Bowie

  10. Nicht Böse…….Sie haben Pficht……Verpflichtungen……Damit Wir Uns zurückkehren weiterhin Lernen & Arbeiten……Weiter Führenden….

  11. Had a bad day. Watched this and now I feel better.

  12. To get the real story of David Bowie as an evil bastard, read the book Bowie by Jerry Hopkins and Alias David Bowie by Peter Gillman and Leni Gillman where David Bowie eventually abandoned and neglected his half brother Terry Burns. In the later years Bowie comes off as being a not very pleasant character, shunning his mother and mentally ill older half brother who committed suicide at the time the book was published. Good riddance to him(David Bowie).

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  15. Don't know where You are now , but we miss YOU David Bowie !!!!!!

  16. Missed Bowie at Roskilde in 2003 due to some mooron that threw a candypopstick in to his one eye. Still angry with that. Got to see Iggy pop as a releave, but that left me with Bowie unseen 🙁

  17. Er ist der Beste und wird immer in meinem Herzen sein !

  18. Vous nous manquez Mr Bowie

  19. white people shouldn't be allowed to be this cool

  20. How can you not respect this man?

  21. My favourite DB song,the song that you can play again and again. But I rather prefer official version.

  22. He has such a humble personality, I love it when he says if the crowd has enough time for the songs he is gonna sing especially comparing with those celebrities who act their fans as shit. RIP, such a god just for all days <3

  23. "I been here forever….haha… ohhh cum to ur Daddy… TIME VR or the break, then some more long-sexual-song(s) in the motor-boat…"

  24. He was a true Hero to music RIP Mr Bowie…..

  25. Richard Coleman – héroes

  26. Called me liver and woke him up?? said "HEY ..are you having a demonstetion ????GET A LUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Freddie mercury or david bowie

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