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David Bowie’s death as reported on BBC Radio

News of David Bowie’s death broke around 7am on the 11th Jan 2016. This is how it was reported on the breakfast shows of three of the BBC’s music stations that morning – 6 Music, Radio 2 and Radio 1. It’s interesting (I think) to hear the different ways the news was handled

It being the second Monday in January it was first day back after Christmas for Shaun Keaveny on 6 Music and Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1, whereas on Radio 2 Sara Cox was filling in for Chris Evans as he was due back the day after.

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  1. I don't know how Matt got through that report. Always strikes me as a genuine and decent guy, and like all of the 6Music team he lives for good, real music. I think he felt like we all felt that day… but having to get on air and broadcast – respect.

  2. i heard the news on someone's tweet as i then went to twitter. i was in shock and found myself crying on that night. i then turn to cnn and it was confirmed as well as nine inch nails fan forum where they did a thread about bowie as a lot of NIN fans are bowie's fans. i cried myself to sleep and then woke up to drop off some laundry for my mother's alteration business as the radio began to play bowie as i tried not to cry on my way home. i went back to bed and cried myself to sleep. what a horrible day to the start of a fucking horrible year.

  3. "Let's get together on this" – Shaun and Matt struck exactly the right tone

  4. you can really sense the shock in their voices.

  5. So did Radio 1 really wait until Newsbeat?

  6. What I notice-right off-is the respect and honest upset and grief. I have insomnia & saw the post late at night on Twitter that night/morning. I was in shock. I couldn't sleep… But I noticed that in the US the media outlets were either professional and cold or seemed to be attempting an angle for their own promtional purposes (click here and read this story on Bowie and … Buy our magazine.) Also, oddly many magazines seemed to go out of their way to try to find unattractive photos for their covers…which is weird in so many ways. He was so very attractive..Why choose those? And why so much Ziggy when it's kind if a major point of his career that he'd progressed & changed? Sigh. Thanks 4 this I don't think all media are heartless tools now…

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